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Are you someone who is obsessed with branded clothing? Don’t let the naysayers take your swag away by telling you that branded or non-branded, it doesn’t matter. Well, it does matter! Branded clothes are not expensive just because of the tag but for their quality, durability, and of course, the status they bring with them! 

We understand people can go into deep debates over branded vs. non-branded shirts, but we can mute the critics just by throwing some clear advantages!

  • Branded shirts come in really great fits, and the tailoring finesse of these clothes makes them worthy of every dime. 
  • The quality is undoubtedly superior to the non-branded ones. Hence, your favorite shirt will not fall apart soon if you don’t purposely treat it roughly, of course! 
  • Expensive shirts can be considered an investment. Buying one expensive shirt that stays intact for years or constantly buying cheap stuff that is spoiled every three months. What’s better? Your call! 
  • You won’t get bored easily with premium shirts when the quality is intact, and you surely won’t make something unique and creative from it out of boredom. 

The Importance of Having a Premium Shirts Collection

A nice collection of premium shirts in a wardrobe is every man’s dream, and he should strive to fulfill it at all costs! A solid dress shirt, when paired with formal pants, can certainly give you a decent and sophisticated look! Moreover, premium shirts contribute to a notable advantage to the outlook. 

We believe no one would disagree with the fact that premium shirts bring with them a certain allure! Be it a formal occasion or a late-night party, these shirts can be your savior, making their own statement. 

A Glance at the Trending Stylish Branded Shirts for Men 

Denim Shirts 

Demin shirts are a great addition to your wardrobe, and they certainly speak for the style they carry! Pair them up with lighter shades of chinos, and you’re all set to step out in a cooler look. 

Oxford Shirts

Even though the shirt has a thicker fabric compared to others, the shirt has never been out of trend for more than 100 years now! Oxford Shirt marks classic menswear that has been the solid base for several stylish outfits! Additionally, the hanger loop to the back of the yoke and the button at the bottom of the collar are some things that make the most attractive designs in a man’s shirt. 

Office Shirt 

Give your outfit some decent grace by styling office shirts with casual pants or denim. How can you forget this ultimate item in your wardrobe? These shirts have the potential to be dressed on almost every occasion as they go well with everything. Be it a business or corporate meeting or a chill evening outing with your friends, they’ll be your prime choice. 

Polo Shirt

Are you ready to play some Golf? Grab your polo shirt and meet you at the course! Polo shirts are one of the most casual-wearing shirts that you can get your hands on. What makes them a staple shirt in every man’s wardrobe is the fact that they can be styled in unique ways on various occasions. We certainly believe that no man would deny that they made a chilling and styling summer choice.

So, you had a glance at the most stylish shirts you can get your hands on during the summer season, but where to shop for these amazing shirts? If you are ready to check out something new, we’ve got you covered. 

Where to Buy Branded Shirts Online

Are you up for trying out a new premium brand in India? Well, this is where your search for the best branded shirt mens ends! We are talking about UBIC clothing. The brand is relatively new in the market and yet it boasts a blend of premium and luxury with affordability. The brand is majorly popular for its formal shirts and is all set to capture the market of people eyeing sprucing up their wardrobe and uplifting their style sense. 

With unmatchable quality, commendable durability, an appealing aesthetic sense, and being overall stylish, the shirts from UBIC are just what you need to gift to your wardrobe. From plain shirts branded to fine fabric checks and from striped formals to premium blazers, UBIC has got everything you need to step up your style game! 

Shop from a range of shirts, blazers, and chinos from the official website of UBIC and get the reliable items you desire to be in your wardrobe for a long without getting out of fashion.

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