5G Mobile Technology, game changer ...
Tathagata Das

5G Mobile Technology, game changer for telecom industry

5G Mobile Technology, a game changer for the telecom industry

3G is an old school right now, while 4G is on the move and in the coming years, we are certain that 5G is going to take over soon. Now before diving deep into the 5G mobile network, let's hold back a while and look at the history of the mobile network.

1G(First Generation)

These phones were preliminary and were the first mobile to provide the internet with very low levels of spectrum efficiency and security.

2G(Second Generation)

These were based on digital technology and were much faster than the previous generation with higher spectrum and security.

3G(Third Generation)

This was the first generation of high-speed internet, with a speed of almost 14Mbps.

4G(Fourth Generation)

This was an all-IP based technology capable of providing a speed of up to1 Gbps.

Now coming to the 5G or More precisely the Fifth generation of a mobile network is a significant

upgrade over all the other previous generations. The theoretical expectation of the 5G network

is to provide a speed of almost 20Gbps, which is almost 20 times faster than the current 4G speed.

Note that, for 5G NR, according to 3GPP specification when using spectrum below 6 GHz, the performance would be closer to 4G. In other words, the 5G connectivity can provide speed equivalent

5G along with that can be switched to our regular 4G speed.

Some of the Salient features of 5G mobile connectivity-

1) Latency- Latency is the term used to denote the delay between the sender and the receiver. The 5G connectivity will provide low communication latency.

2) Spectrum- In order to increase the speed of the 5G network, a large quantity of new spectrum (5G NR frequency bands) particularly in millimeter wave bands.

3) Deployment- Initial 5G NR launches will depend on existing LTE 4G infrastructure in non-standalone (NSA) mode, before maturation of the standalone (SA) mode with the 5G core network.

Current application and future-

Frankly speaking, right now there's nothing solid implementation of the 5G network but we can assure that in the near future most probably in 2020 we could see mobiles with 5G network connectivity. Till now enjoy your 4G network as for at least a year or half, it's not going to be replaced.

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