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Eating well is essential, but not just for keeping fit or achieving your ideal weight. For anyone training with weights or bodyweight with the Training app, it is important to make sure you are eating the right things to maximize results and have the energy to get through your workouts.


Legumes are real protein and fiber bombs. In 100 grams of dried lentils, for example, there are about 25 grams of protein and 30 grams of fiber (about half the daily dose). How about a nice plate of curried red lentils after training?


It's no secret that eggs are the ultimate protein source. A chicken egg provides about 7 g of protein and it's biological value is about 100. If this value is high it means that the proteins taken with this food are similar to those produced by our body and are therefore more easily transformed into muscle mass. . Two hard-boiled eggs are the perfect post-workout snack. 


If your goal is to keep fit, flaxseed oil should not be missing from your diet. Nutritious and rich in omega-3 fatty acids important for heart and brain health. A cold-pressed one must be kept in the refrigerator. 


Quinoa is perfect for replenishing reserves after a bodyweight workout. In 100 g there are 15 g of vegetable protein. This cereal is also rich in magnesium (275 mg), which is very important for muscle contraction. You won't be able to do without this fresh and colorful quinoa salad.


Ginger strengthens the immune system and improves blood flow to the muscles, also helping to relieve post-workout muscle pain by promoting the dissolution of lactic acid and its transformation into muscle tissue. 


If you're always doing bodyweight training and want a protein breakfast, nothing beats protein pancakes with cottage cheese. Furthermore, this food is low-calorie and contains a lot of proteins and carbohydrates. 

Besides, cottage cheese contains an essential amino acid, tryptophan, which helps you sleep better. Rest is just as important to obtain good results with training.


Coffee increases blood pressure and heart rate. For this reason, although it can give us a good boost to face the training, it is good not to abuse it. Black coffee is enough and leftover, so take it without milk and sugar.


Small but very powerful. Blueberries contain few calories (40 in 100 g) and are also good antioxidants, that is, they fight free radicals in our body. They are best enjoyed in smoothies or with oats and natural yogurt.


Nuts and seeds are essential for muscle growth and are high in protein and good fats. Nuts in particular contain unsaturated fats. 


KissAnime A healthy and balanced diet is at least as important for muscle development as training. Regularly include these 9 foods in your diet and achieve the fitness of your dreams!

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