Mousumi Biswas

An open letter to all those who matter most to me

My entry for the open letter competetion.

29August 2020


Dear All

    As the sunlight creeps through my window each fresh day

It reminds me to send a note of gratitude your way

Thank you for a family so supportive and caring

And friends who are helpful and loving

Hats off to all our silent warriors

As they are our silent saviours

Thank you Dear God , for all the good things in life

And for showing me that after every storm and strife

There is a pretty rainbow in sight

       Dear God ! Each day when I open my eyes to the beauty of your wonderful creation , I thank you from the core of my heart . Everyday , you give me another opportunity to enjoy the sweet chirping of the birds , a pretty rainbow after the rains and the first rays of the sun .Without you I wouldn’t have been able to wade through all the low phases in my life . You guided me through all the trials and tribulations in life . Thank you for a secured career and making me strong and positive.  

      Without your blessings , love , affection and care , my dear loving parents ,I wouldn’t have been the person I am today .  You were my first teacher and guide . Now , you have gone forever , but you have left behind beautiful memories which can never be erased  . I had always taken you for granted when you were around . But I am thankful to God that I was born your daughter . You were an epitome of sacrifice , protection , and unconditional love .  Hope now you both are at  peace ,  accompanied by the angels , in your new celestial  home .

When I wanted a healing hand and wished to be loved and appreciated, my dear parents , family and friends ,you were always by my side . You always taught me that ,” Mistakes are the best teachers “ and inspired me to learn from them . Whenever I felt low , lonely or ugly , you were there to cheer me up and make me feel beautiful and cherished . I would  like to dedicate this letter to all my teachers , who have played a vital role in moulding and shaping up my life and career . All my teachers have always been special for me . Naming a favourite , would be unfair and an uphill task.

All my teachers , formal or informal , have motivated me to dream , aspire and grow . You all have held my hand and taught me to walk , eat, read, write . You have always motivated me to walk with dignity and speak out what is right . I will always be indebted to you all for imparting in me the values of hard work, courage, perseverance and confidence . 

 “Teaching is one such profession that creates other professions” . This is also a the call to all employers , parents and students .  Every teacher should be valued and respected . Teaching is a taxing job . Whether in real class rooms or virtual their hard work and dedication must be appreciated .

A grand salute to you , the brave Indian soldiers at the border and the frontline covid warriors . You have all sacrificed your comforts , happiness and even lives so that we can breathe in peace .  Even  at the time of crisis , the call of duty for your nation and humanity is more important to you than your aged parents , family and children .  

 It’s high time dear mankind , we realise the grave mistakes we have committed towards humanity and nature and redeem them before it is too late . God has given us birth on this Earth with a purpose , not to misuse our superior powers and cause havoc .  We had been warned of the impeding crisis for decades . But we always ignored it . Changes in the environment usually take place due to human activities .  We have deprived Mother Nature of all her natural resources for our own selfish greed and needs . So now nature seems to be taking revenge on mankind with a vengeance in the form of climate change , floods , droughts , cyclones , hurricanes and forest fires and sadly this pandemic . Let us take a pledge that we will surely try to mend our ways and look after ‘Mother Nature ‘ well . Please forgive us dear ‘Mother ‘ and give us the strength to help you heal .

 Though you may have broken my  backbone by your sudden unannounced paid leaves or due to the curfew , my dear house helps , you are an integral part of my life . Through this letter I would like to show my gratitude to you all who have been working in my house for over the years . You may have broken a glass or two or forgotten to add salt in the curry . Yet , I thank you for cleaning the house , washing the car and pruning the plants. For me you are no less than the covid warriors .   

You all are in my heart, loved and needed .

Thank you once again .

With love



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