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Adobe Certified Master AD0-E704 real dumps Available

Adobe Certified Master AD0-E704 real dumps From Certqueen

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Certqueen AD0-E704 Sample Questions Share

When creating a new payment method, the Adobe Commerce architect adds the dependency injection configuration for payment method facade in the modules etcdi.xml. What is required for the custom payment methods Value Handlers pool?

A. A default handler must be defined.

B. A country handler must be defined

C. An offline payment handler must be defined.

Answer: B

A merchant has noticed an error in the checkout. The accessed URL is /checkout. Where can the developer find the responsible controller in the Magento.Checkout module?

A. Controller/lndex/lndex.php

B. Contiollef/Checkout/lndex.php

C. Controller/lndex/Checkout.php

Answer: C

An Adobe Commerce architect is being tasked with creating a new cron job to run a method that has already been written. What are the minimally required steps to accomplish this?

A. Create crontab.xml and cron_groups.xml files to assign the new job to a cron group.

B. Create a crontab.xml file and set a schedule for the new cron job.

C. Create a crontab.xml file and a new system configuration in system.xml for the schedule.

Answer: C

Which command should be used to deploy static content?

A. set up:static-content :deploy

B. start:static-resources:deploy

C. startstatic-content:deploy

Answer: A

In a store, stock items are synced from an internal database that is configured on a separate server. Store owner decided to use a third-party remote inventory management system called OrangeCompany because it can provide more features like web API, multi-warehouse, order fulfillment, etc. What should be the module design pattern to connect the store with remote system OrangeCompany, keeping upgradability in mind?

A. Use service contract design pattern, and create webapi.xml file to configure API endpoints.

B. Use singleton design pattern and create webapi.xml file to configure API endpoints.

C. Use ORM design pattern and create model, resourcemodel and collection to save data in the store, then create REST API call using curl to connect with API endpoint.

D. All of these.

Answer: A

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Certqueen Adobe Certified Master AD0-E704 real dumps

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