Viral Paun

I love my afternoon nap

Me and My afternoon nap
And then we entered into a competition of TIMES OF INDIA. Being nervous about how difficult topics would be and may we be selected or not.

Suddenly it was my turn for a group discussion on a topic 
I was afraid about the topic and on the spot thing.
But to my luck or so., The topic was so lovely called 'I LOVE MY AFTERNOON NAP' and the gd members were like wooow....

So just thinking about it and putting up a story ...

Why does anyone love their afternoon nap????

It may be coz they have a before noon a tiring day and a lot of work to do..
So they may get their mind refreshed up.
Or just that afternoon means the day is divided into 2parts is that morning and evening and noon is the nap time.

I also do love my afternoon nap
That divides my day into basically 2 different parts.

The 1st part.. that is morning is morning workout with the busy college schedule

And the 2nd part - Evening is just rejuvenating myself 
Most importantly by swimming and a long walk alone spending the complete "ME TIME".

People say for being that sincere 'Early to bed and early to rise' person but it's ok to love yourself and enjoy your day and utilize it the way you want.

Some people may be a morning person while some people maybe night person completely.
I am a noon nap lover and a night person.

And in 30sec they made the decision of what we think.
I definitely got selected for the next rounds to be there but it's for you to decide

How to spend your day and your time with efficiency!!!

What are you ?!
Early to rise' and a morning person or  a noon nap lover.

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