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Aged Care Cleaning: Challenges and Solutions


The demand for aged care cleaning in Australia is growing. As the possibilities of home help expand, it can be expected that accommodation facilities will continue to meet many of the growing care needs of the elderly. 


Facilities with good cleaning standards will shine when it comes to impressing decision makers. So, getting help from quality aged care cleaning services is essential. Here are some challenges and solutions to aged care cleaning. 



Challenges of Aged Care Cleaning

The challenge of achieving hygiene in nursing care is no different from the challenges of cleaning for the health care. Commercial cleaning services such as simple housekeeping staff may not be prepared to deal with the additional damage caused by the residential care environment. 


Elderly people are at high risk for diseases and maintaining a clean environment is extremely important. However, the following circumstances can present unique challenges: 


The need for day cleaning 

While many building managers can redirect most cleaning tasks to late hours, a nursing home, such as a medical facility, requires constant cleaning. This can be difficult as maids try to travel around seniors and staff and prevent odor complaints. The path must be carefully designed, the design of power stations and access wires must be controlled. It is important that all cleaning work is carried out regularly and that the quality of the institution is maintained. Failure to follow the correct rules can have serious consequences. 


Waste management

Garbage in places where there is medical care, treatment and human waste pose a risk. Contaminated areas and bedding should be cleaned immediately and cleaning cloths should be secured immediately in plastic bags for landfills (or laundries if reused). 

Untrained staff

Nursing staff who are not trained to deal with problems in adult care may not meet the standards. Urinary incontinence and other problems can cause discomfort to the regular maid. Special training can help them learn the tasks to be performed. 

Interference by residents

Chemicals should be carefully controlled to avoid the dangers of older people not realizing they have touched something they should not have done. Caring for the elderly during the cleaning of a nursing home can be achieved by finding solutions to the problem, then implementing them and providing guidance to everyone. 

Solutions to Aged Care Cleaning

Choose non-irritating cleaning options for those living in the surrounding areas, such as microfiber cloths and mopeds, as well as equipment that is easy to handle in crowded areas. Special training must be provided if the facility has patients with dementia and needs all the materials and equipment to keep in the booklet at all times. Also, inform the staff of any incident that may occur in the home to make sure they respond safely and appropriately. 

These are a few of the challenges and solutions to aged care cleaning. If you are looking for quality aged care cleaning services, you can always connect with us for the best professional services. 

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