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Alaska Airlines Premium Class Under Mileage Plan Benefits

Do you have a main cabin flight booking with Alaska Airlines and want more legroom space? If you are simply looking for extra legroom, or want additional amenities on the plane, you can upgrade your seats to premium class cabins. However, on Alaska Airlines, you can not use your miles balance to upgrade to the Premium Cabin. If you want to get an upgrade, you may be a member of their Mileage Plan program. To understand more, read on.

Is it Possible to use Mileage Plan Miles to get a Premium Cabin Upgrade?

No, you can not use your miles to upgrade to Alaska Airlines premium class seats. However, you can use miles to book a premium ticket directly, or purchase an upgrade using cash at check-in or at the gate if available. Please note that upgrades are subject to availability and certain fare classes are not eligible for upgrades. For more information, you can visit the Alaska Airlines website or contact their customer service.

Who is Eligible for Premium Cabin Upgrades on Alaska Airlines?

If you have a Mileage Plan membership on Alaska Air with MVP Gold 100k or 75k status, you are eligible for a Premium class upgrade for free. However, this upgrade is available on all cabin classes except for their Saver Fare or X class. 

Also, when there are no premium class seats available on the plane, Alaska Air will place these members on the waitlist unless it becomes available.

How Do I Know My Eligibility?

MVP and MVP Gold members can choose a Premium Class seat at booking, depending on their fare class. When booking, members can use the "Upgrade fare type" filter to display the cheapest fare that gives them immediate access to Premium Class.

Please note that MVP members can only upgrade themselves, whereas MVP® Gold members and above have the option to upgrade themselves and one companion traveling with them in the same reservation.

All other eligible lower fares will be added to the Premium Class upgrade list and will be eligible for an upgrade within the normal upgrade window for their tier. They will not be able to immediately select a Premium Class seat.

Will I be upgraded to a Premium Class middle seat?

If you find yourself with a middle seat in the Main Cabin or without a reserved seat, Alaska Airlines has got you covered. They will automatically upgrade your booking to Premium Class. However, they will try to move you to an aisle or window seat before settling for a middle seat. If you already have an aisle or window seat, but there are only middle seats left when the upgrade window opens, you won't automatically be upgraded to a Premium Class middle seat. Remember that your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan status will also play an important role in the upgrade.

Nonetheless, you'll still have the chance to select a middle seat in the Premium Class (if one is available) during your eligibility window. For more information, you can speak with an airline agent and get help.

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