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An Inspiration to the World: Understanding the Essence of Seerah


Followers of Islam cherish the teachings of their guide, the Apostle of Allah PBUH, as a critical part of their faith. Their devotion is reflected by embracing all the ways of this esteemed teacher with their actions and tongue. In this pursuit, they require extensive research into the Ahadith and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

The availability of Seerah
Indeed, the Seerah and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is a gift that cannot be exhausted; this is evident from the significant amounts of content being published even today relating to this sacred and essential part of the deen and spirit of Islam. There are Seerah books of every order, variety, and language, but the best books on Seerah offer the most accessible guidance and inspiration for readers to learn from. Many Muslims can feel intimidated to attempt to read and understand Seerah without instruction, as countless volumes are large and detailed. We can argue that writing a simple Seerah book for a more incredible group of people is a much more complicated task. That challenge motivated the completion of “An Inspiration to the World.”

About the Book
Written by the esteemed expert, Dr. Aa’id al Qarni, this book follows the globally successful “La Tahzan” (Do not be Sad), which was translated into multiple languages and sold more than 10 million copies. It provides a unique version of the biography of that most respected figure in Islam and the world, aimed to cater to the modern needs of modern times. Unlike other Seerah compilations arranged chronologically, Dr. al Qarni has organized his latest book thematically. This achieves quite a different look and feels for contemporary Seerah, as it allows readers to learn special topics such as the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) as a father, a leading figure in society, or a worshipper, or teacher, in a more accessible way.
In the world of today, it is even more crucial to capture the attention of the Muslim youth, to make the core teachings of the Deen available to them, and even more important, to make them understandable and practical. The demands in this fast-paced life are for things to be brief and precise, which is what “An Inspiration to the World” is written to achieve. It is a helpful and thoughtful guide to accessing the essence of crucial Seerah lessons in the form of an encyclopedia on the bookshelf. That is the ultimate purpose of reading about the life of our beloved Prophet, and indeed the ultimate goal of any book is to benefit practical utilization.
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