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Appian Certified Associate Developer ACD101 Dumps

The ACD101 Appian Certified Associate Developer has been recently introduced as a replacement for the ACD100 exam, featuring a complete revision with new questions and format. Passcert has promptly updated their collection to include the most recent Appian Certified Associate Developer ACD101 Dumps. These resources are meticulously curated to help you thoroughly prepare for the ACD101 exam. With the assistance of Passcert Appian Certified Associate Developer ACD101 Dumps, you can confidently take on the Appian Certification Program ACD101 exam, and expect to pass with flying colors!

Appian Certified Associate Developer (ACD101) Exam
Appian Certified Associate Developer exam validates the knowledge and skills of individuals building low-code applications. This page helps you understand the expectations of an Associate, as well as provide you with resources to prepare for the exam itself.

Associate Developers are a part of the Appian Community who are able join a delivery team and convert basic requirements into functioning pieces of an application, with some additional guidance for best practices and scalability. They can provide support to a Senior Developer in setting up user stories and they work closely with mentors to further develop their skills.

Exam Information
Exam Name: Appian Associate Developer
Requirement(s): None
Number of items: 60 Items
Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: $200
Cut Score: 73%*

Exam Objectives
Candidates should fully prepare for an exam using the objectives below as a checklist to identify possible gaps between knowledge and the skills measured by the exam. The relative weight illustrates the approximate size of each section. It is recommended that focused preparation should be in areas where any knowledge gaps are found.
Introduction to the Appian platform (14%)

General Appian principles (9%)

Data persistence (13%)

Appian development: Process models (17%)

Appian development: Interface design (19%)

Appian development: Records (13%)

Appian development: Expression rules (15%)

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1. An interface references an expression rule.
What are the relationships between these objects?
A.Dependents and Reliants
B.Dependents and Precedents
C.Inheritance and Association
Answer: B

2. After selecting a record, a user wants to initiate an activity in the context of that selected record.
You start by creating the process model that implements this activity.
What should you do next?
A.Add the process model as a record list action to that record.
B.Configure a site page as an action to kick off the process model.
C.Add the process model as a record related action to that record.
Answer: C

3. Which two scenarios are ideal for using Appian Portals? (Choose two.)
A.A manager wants to obtain a view of their team's performance.
B.A retail customer wants to conduct a public survey for their recently launched product.
C.An employee who does not have an account wants to register for their company's vehicle fleet a management system.
D.A user needs to submit support requests when they are using their mobile device in areas with bad network coverage.
Answer: B, C

4. You are working on a process model "VIM Update Vehicle."
You want to call another process "VIM Get Service Date" that accepts pv!vehicleId as a process parameter and sets a value for pv!serviceDate. The next node in VIM Update Vehicle depends on the value of pv!serviceDate.
Which node should you use to execute "VIM Get Service Date" from VIM Update Vehicle?
A.Start Process smart service
B.Asynchronous subprocess with activity chaining
C.Synchronous subprocess with input and output variables configured
Answer: C

5. Which step can be critical in passing information from a form back to a process model?
A.Configure the Data Management tab.
B.Configure the activity class parameters of a Write to Data Store Entity node, a
C.Configure inputs on the Data tab of a User Input Task.
Answer: C

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