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Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11) Exam Dumps

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Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11)
The Architecture Specialization exam focuses on the fundamentals of OutSystems Architecture design. Targeted to developers or architects that are fairly autonomous in designing a good OutSystems Architecture, with a scalable mindset and the objective of contributing to an efficient and healthy lifecycle of applications. This is an important step on your journey to becoming an OutSystems Professional Developer and/or Architect. To take the Architecture Specialization exam, you must have obtained the Associate Reactive Developer Certification.

Exam Information
Exam Name: Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11)
Format: Multiple choice
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 70% (21/30)
Exam duration: 90 minutes
Exam Fee: $100 US
English: English, Espa?ol, 日本語, Português

Exam Topics
The Architecture Specialization focuses on the fundamentals of OutSystems application Architecture, such as Architecture Canvas, design process and validation, architecture patterns, application composition, and style guide architecture. The following table has the topics breakdown and the respective weights.
Categories & Topics Number of Questions Score
Architecture Canvas 4 13%
Architecture Design 11/12 37%/40%
Design Process 4 8%
Good Architecture Design 2/3 7%/10%
Patterns 5 17%
Validation and Refactoring 7/8 23%/27%
Validation 3 10%
Refactoring 4/5 13/17%
Style Guide Architecture 3 10%
Application Composition 4 13%

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1. The Architecture Canvas is a multi-layer framework. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of this framework?
A.It optimizes lifecycle independence.
B.It identifies possible performance bottlenecks.
C.It minimizes the impact of changes.
D.It promotes a correct abstraction of reusable services.
Answer: B

2. Themes and Layouts are an important element of an application. In which of the following would you define these elements?
A.MyApp_CS Module, in the Foundation layer
B.MyApp_BL, in the Foundation Layer.
C.MyApp_Th Module, in the End-User layer
D.MyApp_MTh, in the Foundation layer.
Answer: C

3. Architecture Canvas has 3 layers. Which is not part of the 3 layer framework?
A. Foundation
B. Ochestrator
C. End-User Layer
D. Core
Answer: B

4. What is the new name for Architecture Dashboard?
A. Architecture Validation
B. Architecture Canvas
C. Architecture Framework
D. AI Mentor
Answer: D

5. Which of the below is NOT part of the three step process of Architecture Design Process?
A. Assemble
B. Shape
C. Disclose
D. Organize
Answer: B

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