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Aruba Certified Network Security Expert HPE6-A84 Dumps

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Share some Aruba Certified Design Expert (ACDX) V8 HPE6-A84 exam questions and answers below.

You are designing an Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) solution for a customer. You learn that the customer has a Palo Alto firewall that filters traffic between clients in the campus and the data center.

Which integration can you suggest?

A. Sending Syslogs from the firewall to CPPM to signal CPPM to change the authentication status for misbehaving clients

B. Importing clients’ MAC addresses to configure known clients for MAC authentication more quickly

C. Establishing a double layer of authentication at both the campus edge and the data center DMZ

D. Importing the firewall's rules to program downloadable user roles for AOS-CX switches more quickly

Answer: A

A company has Aruba gateways and wants to start implementing gateway IDS/IPS. The customer has selected Block for the Fail Strategy.

What might you recommend to help minimize unexpected outages caused by using this particular fall strategy?

A. Configuring a relatively high threshold for the gateway threat count alerts

B. Making sure that the gateways have formed a cluster and operate in default gateway mode

C. Setting the IDS or IPS policy to the least restrictive option, Lenient

D. Enabling alerts and email notifications for events related to gateway IPS engine utilization and errors

Answer: B

You are configuring gateway IDS/IPS settings in Aruba Central.

For which reason would you set the Fail Strategy to Bypass?

A. To permit traffic if the IPS engine falls to inspect It

B. To enable the gateway to honor the allowlist settings configured in IDS/IPS policies

C. To tell gateways to stop enforcing IDS/IPS policies if they lose connectivity to the Internet

D. To avoid wasting IPS engine resources on filtering traffic for unauthenticated clients

Answer: A

A customer has an AOS 10 architecture, consisting of Aruba AP and AOS-CX switches, managed by Aruba Central. The customer wants to obtain information about the clients, such as their general category and OS.

What should you explain?

A. The customer must deploy Aruba gateways in order to receive any client profiling information.

B. You will need to set up Aruba Central as a secondary IP helper for client VLANs, but this will not interfere with existing operations.

C. Aruba Central will automatically derive this information using telemetry from the Aruba devices.

D. The customer should set up a dedicated switch VSX group to sniff packets and direct them to Aruba Central.

Answer: C

You are reviewing an endpoint entry in ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) Endpoints Repository.

What is a good sign that someone has been trying to gain unauthorized access to the network?

A. The entry shows multiple DHCP options under the fingerprints.

B. The entry shows an Unknown status.

C. The entry shows a profile conflict of having a new profile of Computer for a profiled Printer.

D. The entry lacks a hostname or includes a hostname with long seemingly random characters.

Answer: C

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