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The Best Dressed Celebrity Couples Of 2021

Togetherness has become even more of a priority after the outbreak of Covid-19. Prolonged social distancing made most of us crave human contact and value relationships. When it comes to relationships, long-time celebrity couples can be most inspiring. Despite the complexities of the elite tier, it is so positive to see couples stay strong. Being a power couple also means that you have to look like one. Being able to become the center of attention at any gathering is expected of a celebrity. And that is pursued with a vengeance by the style icons of stardom. We have here a list of celebrity partnerships that take fashion to a new level.

1.     Jay-Z and Beyonce

They are the first family of R&B and hip-hop and never let us forget it. Recently the couple was seen decked with Dior and Burberry channeling a regal swagger. Jay-z exuded confidence in a pink-hued suit with a crisp white shirt underneath accented with black patent leather shoes. While Beyonce went for a steel-gray dress to even it out. The deep neckline and draped skirt of the dress emphasized her curves in a most appealing way. The pair carried all the aplomb needed to persuade us to return to formal wear after months of sweatpants.

2.     Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid

A youthful and fresh approach to fashion was displayed by Dua and her partner Anwar. If you are not into formal attire and still want to look trendy, then this couple is a perfect example. In fact, this is just a stylization of the sweatpants sets we have been wearing through the lockdown. All you need is to choose the fit and pieces that go together with a bit more care. Dua prefers her tops to be more fitted with baggy trousers. Anwar Hadid on the other hand is a sportswear guy complete with sneakers. This sort of fashion is easy to follow and comfortable to lounge around or remote work in.

3.     George Clooney and Amal

A classy couple who look good in anything they wear, Clooney And Amal are the epitomai of fashion. She is a human-rights lawyer yet carries Prada like Hollywood royalty. While Clooney’s impeccable tuxedo effortlessly sweeps us off our feet. This is a pair that looks flawless whether they are on the red carpet or in a roadside café. But do not get hopeless as you and your partner can project that vibe as well. Our store GenuineLeatherJackets.com is only a click away to make all your fashion dreams come true. Explore the myriad of celebrity wear available and assemble an outfit that would be hard to miss in a crowd.

4.     Michelle and Barack Obama

The former first couple of the US still looks as elegant as they did during their tenure. Michelle quite intentionally champions American designers in the fabulous clothing she wears. Barack Obama’s suits are the talk of the town because of their immaculate tailoring and appearance. Together with this pair truly embodies how enigmatic an equal partnership looks.

5.     Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

Gigi and Zayn are a much-followed celebrity couple and recent parents of an adorable baby girl. Being a singer and model, they never shy away from statement pieces when it comes to fashion. Gigi was seen in a matching off-white jacket and pants set with a white high neck and sneakers. Zayn contrasted his work casual look with a brown leather jacket and jeans. His sneakers, t-shirts, and jacket details matched Gigi’s colors. It was a fantastic way to complement his partner’s dress while staying unique. His jacket looked especially eye-catching being made from patches with different patterns and colors. You can pick out an iconic piece like that too from the sale on jackets being held on our website.

Fashion is an inseparable part of the celebrity world, whether they belong to media, politics, trade, or sports. There is a certain way popular names have to carry themselves in the public. And it is impossible not to be attracted by their chic or even otherworldly appearances. We marvel at how effortlessly lovely partners can look on the red carpet or in their own front garden.

Yet there is a secret behind their flawless presence. No amount of Prada or Dior can make you shine if you do not admire yourself. Accepting yourself the way you are is the best way to exude a sureness of personality. Which is precisely what will make you appear so mesmerizing. That does not mean though that shopping from a high-quality store comes last! Fabric and colors along with excellent tailoring matter even in the most casual of clothes. So, keep these factors in mind when you are out shopping next time. We are certain that you will be able to develop a fashion sense equal to any celebrity’s that way. 

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