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Why Worry About Shy Teen When You Have The Best Android Monitoring App

There are times when I miss china even more than normal days. Teenage of my son has spent there and we were never worried about his digital life. You can say at that time the social media was not that common but being born and raised in the united states she thinks of herself as more like the local kids and we are so worried about her safety and wellbeing. Recently a serious situation made us think that it has been started the teen rebellious period. It all starts from a call from school or dye hair and we are long past this level.

  • US Department Of Education statistics shows race discrimination was the reason behind 23% of harassment and bullying cases

We found OgyMogy android monitoring app and that was the start of a new era for us.

Here is how We find out About my teen situation after using the app.

She Was Victim Of Bullying:

OgyMogy android monitoring app offers a listen-to surround feature that can let the user know about the surrounding sound and chats. We found out that some of his classmates were bullying and harassing her. The assault case was a reaction to that action. She had enough and fought with one of the girls that resulted in her nose broken. If we were not a Android Monitoring App user, we would have just thought badly of our daughter and could not find out about the whole story.

She Is Into K-Pop:

She is doing well in her new school. Her dyed hair was a little much for us but later did we knew the reason behind the obsession. By using the internet tracking feature we found out that she is into K-Pop these days and the color of her hair was the result of that. Too many overseas delivery parcels were also explained. You can know all about the web content visited by teens through the track internet history feature.

Some Of Her Friends Are Good People:

The camera bug feature offered by OgyMogy indeed makes the app one of the best android monitoring app. It uses the front and back camera of the target device to capture the images of the teen and surroundings. When she was in the hospital we reach her right on time thanks to the feature and her good friend who was with her in the hospital.

Her Mental Health Deterioted In Past Few Months:

Some of the websites visited by her in the past few months were triggering and sensitive. We found out by using the bookmark feature as it stores all the sites frequently visited by the target person. The staff was very bad, that bad that we had to find a therapist for her. She was just trying to cope on her own with the bullying incident and that was not enough but thanks to OgyMogy android monitoring app she was saved.

She Has a Good Relationship With His Brother:

My son always told us that he is in constant contact with her sister and we don't need to worry but she is not that expressive about her relationships. She never said anything about him and her strong denial to go back to her homeland even make us think that she might never visit her brother ever. But it was all proved wrong. With the call recording feature, you can know about the incoming and outgoing call history of the target remotely. Frequent calls to his brother and other cousins were a ray of hope for me and my wife that she had not forgotten her roots.

Dating Apps Must Be Banned :

Access to the installed apps reports us about a dangerous app i.e Tinder. Well, we are not yet ready for it so I think we need to talk again. Although the app is just installed and she is not active on it but I guess installation is the first step.

You can follow the kid like a shadow by using the best android monitoring app the OgyMogy.Don't trust your shy kid anymore. It is our moral duty as parents to provide a healthy and toxic-free environment to our children. If that means to keep a strict eye on them and the company then we are here for that.

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