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Once in a while this thought comes into everyone’s mind “I Wish I could read that person’s mind”.If there are some tricks for mind reading. Well we all want professor Xavier's power. Harsh reality is in actual life that is not possible. There is no Voodoo magic, there is no mutant power and there is no telekinesis. Even if there is something like that it is beyond our reach.


So now the question arise is this possible to achieve something close to like this?

If you ask me this is this problem is not new. From ancient days peoples are trying to solve this problem. Now there could be two things with a problem which is very hard or impossible to solve. Either you can analyses why this is impossible to solve or you can you provide an approximated solution

You do need to go close to sun to measure its temperature or do not need a very long tape to measure the distance. Now think of 500 years ago, these problems were impossible to solve. But as time passes by people started analyzing these problems. Their key tools to open this mystery boxes were knowledge and statistics. Today we know both the answer. But can we say our answers are correct every moment? No right? These are approximated.

Now let’s get back to our main problem of mind reading. Let me put some examples where actually can read minds. After reading these examples you will admit yes some people really approximated it

Example of real life mind reading

Sales Guys:

According to me these people do the mind reading like no other do. Some sales person can sell anything to anyone. These kind of persons exists and they are very successful in their field for this uniqueness. That does not mean everyone in this field has this caliber. But just think how they acquire such skills? You will get your answer after some time

Interior Designers:

We all have a common assumption that interior designers are only hired when you want your house to be dreamland. You are wrong!! Have you ever thought why shopping malls, big shops and business people hire these guys to with huge amount of money? Yes you are getting there


If you have to fix someone’s mind then you need to dive into their head, you have to think what they are thinking. They are like a ninja who can sneak into darkest territories by hiding in shadows and kill the daemon that is sitting and ruling the nebulous kingdom inside the patient’s mind.

Intelligent Gamblers:

Is gamble is always a game of luck? If it was then some gamblers who win most of their gambles are either cheat or has super power. But it is not the reality these intelligent gamblers win with some very unique tricks.


Magic is only a trick!! We all know this right. But sometime these tricks are not purely visual. Remember when you are showing to a big audience not everyone is a fool. Some of them may be smart accountant, some maybe a scientist. But still some magic’s trick our mind How?

There is an answer for each above question and if I am correct then there could be many

Now let us analyze the how?


Law of nature tells us that most of the things in this universe follow a pattern. History repeat itself, if you give some input to a machine then 99% of the time it will give the same output provided there is no randomness in this machine. If you consider any living beings as biological intelligent machines which is full of randomness. But even randomness can be solved with mathematics to some extent.

So our sales guys who is selling something to thousands of people know what their mindset is. They have learned many human psychological factors over time. They learned that events, weather and festivals change people’s mood so they apply different strategies considering these factors. They learned to categorize by people’s perception with different financial strength. Rich people look for quality, Middle class look for value and lower class look for discount. Is it not a mind reading?

Over time these skills gradually advanced, people researched. With the help of advance computing product seller can now analyze customer sentiments within few seconds. Today a separate study and job opportunity has come into picture regarding which we know as analytics.

From putting .99 or 9 at the end of price tag to raise the MRP to more than 50% and giving 50% discount all are the results of these researches. There are plenty of other examples like this.

Have you ever thought why Interior designers sometime do more than what have asked? , did it ever came it to your mind why they asking about your family members , your job life your friends circle? Well the answer to this pretty straight forward. According to study chances of forming a common likes and dislikes is very high who lives together of are in touch for long time is very high. So these professionals consider two things one how they can satisfy a common set of people and second is for their own benefit a better business opportunity. Rather than satisfying only you if they can satisfy the people associated with your or if they can indulge people who has similar crave to satisfy their visual thirst it would be an massive chance for them to get more customers.

Now there is different subset of this job category. Store display management or stocking shelves jobs are the examples of very rare jobs which require immense studies on human psychology. There are very smart arrangement designs which no one notice but actually helps to sell huge

  1. In shopping malls they put the household accessories in nearby shelves. If you enter a section to buy dish wash and you see some very beautiful dinner sets in adjacent section. They know you love to keep your house or car clean. So there will be another section nearby with cleaning and car cleaning accessories.
  2. There will be always big carts near the front doors to comfort your mind that you do not have to carry.
  3. Good smell make everyone happy and if it is food then nothing better than that. Food sections are kept near to the entrances specially baked foods. Either the smell or the food make the people happy and force to spend more
  4. They always play slow music to relax you so that you spend more time in buying
  5. Chocolates and mouth freshener small beauty accessories are kept near the cash counter so that your kid start nagging you at billing and when you are already irritated at a long queue for the peace of mind you buy that.
  6.  And finally at billing they will say there is no change would you like to buy 2-3 candy or a mouth freshener pack. There is no other option for you but to buy

Psychiatrist do a noble job to heal other’s mind they mostly do not do any business. Because in today’s world if doctors start tricking people they will simply knock other doctor’s door. They also gain knowledge with past experience. With time these specialist categorized abnormal human mind condition. So they can read the symptoms of these disorder and log it in their notebook with some unique finding in each patient.

These skills gives them an edge to judge and read people very easily. There are nearly 300 mental disorders today. Some of the very popular bipolar, anxiety, personality and substance abuse and are mostly shown in movies and sitcoms. So in simple terms if engineers understand best about a machine’s behavior Psychiatrist understand and read best our mind.

Gamblers are also a unique set of people who can read peoples mind. Now somebody can laugh on my words if I tell that some gambler are so intelligent that they are in top ten rich people list. Yes you guess it right I am talking about financial market analyst and brokers. At the end of the day they are gamblers. People will shout at me for the last sentence. Now let me correct my sentence a very intelligent, disciplined gambler who can think out of the box, who can stand with their belief, who trust their analysis and judgment more than anything else. They have such a great skill that when most people stop thinking they start there, when most people lose hope they see opportunity, when most already confirmed their decision they start asking question to themselves.

These are sophisticated gambling now let’s come to more raw form gambling like poker, blackjack, Baccarat, craps. In all these games one need to understand the psychology of the opponent. Though this group has very less number of successful people and the number is as less as 5.4% we can say some people who are not addicted and play it for fun can definitely read others mind to some extent.

So how can we read other minds and think like these people think?

Experience: We gain experience each day and each moment. The more we interact with different type of people will be familiar with different mental patterns. Now a days we like to keep it to ourselves only and nobody loves to talk much. But interacting with different people irrespective of age, culture and financial back ground will give you a very good idea of their thought process which can help us to read the minds the people with similar mental attributes. Being a computer programmer I came to know that matchmaking websites take similar approach. They run algorithms based on the data filled up by the subscribers of their likes and dislikes, hobbies, food choices, dress choices and many more things.


If want to gain more and do not want to wait for experience then do a study about human psychology.


You impressed a girl or impressed your client with some words. Will it work for similar kind of person. Well you need to practice and see yourself.


If the previous trick did not work , why it demands an analysis why it failed. 

analysis is the base of any experiment. When it comes to people we do the same with their behavior. Maintain a log book , note down the common characteristics of them. How they react to certain situations. This will help us to predict the person next to us based on a similar person we have met before


We can not be right all the time. There are certain level of noise in any statistical analysis. We call this exception situations . We need to apply certain filter upon our analysis method to filter it to some extent. For instance if at some point the person is not behaving as per our assumption that would indicated three aspects

  • We have tagged that person with wrong type
  • There is a different behavioral part which is suppression his/her primary characteristic. That could be situation driven, circumstance driven.
  • He is pretending to be someone else.

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