5 Alluring and Best Places to Visit in Newark

Newark offers an array of tourist attractions with the best accommodations, incredible cuisines, and fast-paced life. Also, this place has got a mend of culture from around the world. There are several dance performances and cultural shows with musical concerts. Further, this shows the city’s inclination towards the arts. Starting from museums to parks to restaurants to markets, you have yet to explore some of the best places to visit in Newark.

5 Must Exploring and Best Places to Visit in Newark

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Gallivant around the Branch Brook Park

Branch Brook Park is one of the many oases of urban greenery that dot the city of Newark's neighborhoods. Cherry trees are the cause. The Cherry Blossom Festival held here every April promises blossoms of pink and white to match even Tokyo with more than 14 distinct varieties of blossoming trees. Further, visitors can stroll along the curving walkways and cross stately bridges.

Walkthrough the City Lights Twinkle from Riverfront Park

Next is the city's Riverfront Park, which clings to the Passaic River's meanders. It bends and turns around the districts of central Newark, making it the best place to see the sunset. Also, observe the city lights switch on after nightfall.

The area is undergoing some sort of urban regeneration right now, with a variety of art installations and renovations happening. There are street performers, rowing competitors, and festivals during summer to explore. Also, check out the Emirates Seat Selection map to get comfortable seats for your journey.

See Tibetan Treasures at the Newark Museum of Art

A little distance from the waters of the Newark Reach, amid the city streets, is the largest museum in the entire Garden State. The eclectic displays include everything from important works of American realism to unusual artifacts discovered deep on the Tibetan Plateau. It is a collection of Buddhist antiquities with 5000 objects. Lastly, Newark Museum is one of the best Sino-Tibetan exhibits in the entire world.

Stroll Through the Sculptures in Military Park

Military Park is one of the city's oldest urban green spaces. The area served as a training ground for Union soldiers during the American Civil War before evolving into the community's central commons. Besides, new walkways have been built as a result of recent renovations, but the enormous Wars of America structure by Mount Rushmore's famed architect Gutzon Borglum still takes center stage. On Emirates Group Booking, you get the best discount to fly to Newark.

Hear Out Jazz at The Priory

Priory is one of the many jazz bars available in The Brick City. It lies in a nearby area of Saint Joseph's Church in the center of University Heights.

The musicians on this album, with a bluesy backing track, feature some of the best gospel music. Also, this side of the Dixie Line has a distinct Caribbean, Creole, and New Orleans edge. Particularly popular on Friday nights, when throngs of locals go to the venue to let loose and dance the night away.


Newark has the best places and is one of the most beautiful cities in Jersey. And to make a worthwhile trip to Newark, book the cheapest fares flight.

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