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Best Reasons to Bunk Office And get Away With It

Probably you have searched over the internet a thousand times over search results like the best reason for emergency leave or something like good reasons for taking a leave of absence from work, but you were never convinced by what they told you to do. Don't worry my friend, we have got you covered.

It's been like everybody's dream to bunk office, the same ways we used to do in our schools and colleges. It's not a dream anymore, and we are here to help you out to apply leave for personal reasons which could convince your boss in no time. So, without any further due, let's get started.

1) Sir, I am not feeling well today, probably I am sick

This is one of the most cliches when it comes to reasoning. But it's more like a two-way sword. So, if used correctly, could quickly come handy. Just try to make your boss a bit more convinced on the fact that you are sick instead of making excuses. Try to convince him with a doctor's prescription and your photograph of being sick.


2) Imaginary Relative's Death

Aha! There's nothing more soothing than killing someone who never existed in the first place. I have probably killed my grandmother a thousand times by now. But there's nothing to be ashamed of it.

Don't hesitate to create an imaginary relative and kill them as many times as you want.


3) Aghhh! I am stuck at traffic

Traffic is always hectic, to begin with. Just call up your boss and make him convinced that you are stuck in the traffic and would probably be late for the office, so you are taking a U-turn and going back home. If everything is at the right place, then this might be the best idea to bunk the office.


4)Bad Weather

There nothing wrong more than bad weather. Well, that's what they talk about. So, Why not use it for your advantage. A cats and dogs situation is the perfect opportunity to skip office. Probably your apartment has been sunk in the water, not literally, of course, maybe the lights are gone, and you have to talk with the society chairman, or perhaps the weather is too bad, to begin with.


5) Work at home

Now, name me a guy who has never been caught up with the household chores. Probably your boss has been caught up with it too. So, take advantage of that also. Hit him and hit it hard. He ought to have a weak spot in his heart, and you are going to look for it and hit it.


6) Relative's wedding

Here, we are talking about not a small but a long term holiday. Another factor that comes into play here is that beforehand it is advised to have a healthy relationship with the boss, then only you could succeed with such a proposition.


7) Flu

What could be more devastating than becoming ill from the flu? Do you want to take a holiday, how about a vacation? Because with this reason, you can get away with anything. Just be prepared with your medical certificate and approval from the doctor. Then you are good to go.


8) Exam Preparation

Sir, I am opting for higher education, and I can't keep up with both office and work. No matter how bad a person your boss might be, he is bound to have a soft heart when it comes to higher education.


These are some of the best excuses that you could probably come up with. Perhaps you would find several other reasons on the internet. But these are the reasons which we have experimented on ourselves and came out with flying colors.

So, let us know in the comment section below, what do you think could be the best reason to bunk your office and get away with your boss?

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