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Best Shopping Malls In Singapore

Have you been looking for the best place or Malls for your shopping experience in Singapore? Do you want a new experience shopping in the best shopping Malls in Singapore but you don’t know the ones to visit or go with? This list will surely help your curiosity. Singapore is a nice place every tourist enthusiasm will always want to visit. She has all it takes to take everyone’s natural or shopping experience to a different level entirely. Most of the shopping Malls here are integrated with entertainment centers. Meaning while you’re shopping, you’re guaranteed even more fun to complement your shopping experiences. These Malls also have different sections for different set of persons , being it professionals, amateur, kids, adults, parents and you name it. So , visiting any of them is a non-regrettable adventure. And, here we go:

1.ION Orchard

Location: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801, Singapore

Formerly known as Orchard Turn Development or Orchard Turn Site, ION Orchard is an attractive and vibrant shopping mall in Singapore.

ION Orchard

This is Singapore's most glamorous shopping mall, complemented with pieces of glasses, marble and steel art, with extra special toilets for high-end customers and celebrities. It also includes superb services, dreamy concierge services and a fine dining facility supported by a famous chef. Luxurious couture, the hottest names fresh from flight strips, art exhibitions and even clouds viewing.

ION Orchard is a magnet for lovers of luxury goods, with extravagant, efficient brands lining the center of polished marble. Halle Berry is hosted by Harry Winston's Oscar for Best Actress. Even if you are at the window to shop, it is worth looking out the window of this jeweler. Bringing the brand to the world uses cheaper names, such as Topshop.

For those who want something more special, there are many famous chefs and gourmet restaurants offering fine cuisine. The living room ION Orchards of the Salt Grill and Sky Bar, billed as the "sexiest" restaurant in Singapore. At the top of the shopping center you will find a tasting menu, a cardboard menu and a lunch menu. ION Orchard attractions are more than just great shopping and fine dining - this creative building also hosts art exhibitions in its gallery. Level 5 300 square feet at level 4, ION ART offers arts and cultural events from around the world. Emerging artists and designers present their work, including mixed media.

So with these features in ION Orchard, you would notice that what ever your needs are for wanting to visit shopping mall in Singapore, they will wholly be meant at ION Orchard; and this will save you stress, time and of course money.

2.Suntec Mall

Location: 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983

Suntec Mall Singapore

Source:Suntec City

Suntec City is an ideal shopping and development center in Marina Bay, Singapore's central business district. It’s a shopping center, an exhibition and conference center, and a large commercial complex with office buildings. The elegant waist is found in several flagship stores. There are cinemas, video arcades and almost always exhibitions. It's worth checking what you should see when you're done shopping.

The Suntec Mall has more than 600 stores on 4 floors with brands, shops and many restaurants. The beautiful fountain of Suntec City is a sign that deserves to be seen. She was named in the Guinness Book of Records in 1998 as the world's largest fountain.

Suntec City offers a large number of purchase options, including clothing, accessories, books and electrical items. You will find everything you need within this megalithic. Based on the Feng Shui design, the center is divided into 4 complex areas to help customers easily.

Galleria is on the ground floor where you can find designer brands upscale, while the Tropics have a much higher avenue, including home software and electronics.

The terrace of the fountain is where there are many restaurants. Entertainment Center is the 4th area dedicated to all the pleasures and leisure activities.

The shopping mall has so many centers for entertainment. You will always find a Cineplex, a sports center and a gaming room called Golden Village at the Northern and Eastern part of the mall. Arcade Planet and Cow Play Cow Moo offers great arcade entertainment and computer games for young and old alike.

There is a SuperPark indoor play area between the 2nd and 3rd towers on the third level of the North Tower for young children, with lots of fun and games to enjoy. The Suntec Singapore Convention Center and Exhibition Hall are also worth visiting, and events are held regularly.

3. Mandarin Gallery.

Location: 333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238897, Singapore

Mandarin Gallery Singapore

Source:Mandarin Gallery

Singapore's Mandarin Gallery features names of renowned international designers as well as individual and appropriate shopping on Orchard Road. The mall is adjacent to the Mandarin Orchard Singapore and is compact yet super-chic - brands like Michael Kors and Max Mara have all of their best qualities.

The Mandarin Gallery also features local talent with the Beyond The Vines boutique on the second floor. There are three levels of elegant shopping offered by several upscale restaurants for a good event. Accessories and international fashion are store keys that focus on a multitude of stripes.

The Mandarin Gallery presents an advanced shopping scene with more than 50 boutiques in its collection. Inside, it offers sincere customers and subsidized customers discreet service and the ability of store employees to explore and shop in an often warm atmosphere with VIP attention.

From the diamond-powered mobile phone to the elegant cocktail dress, the Mandarin Gallery offers a number of exclusive products for all types of people. The center has six-storey glass halves, including rimova and Victoria's Secret.

In all, the Mandarin Gallery has a small shopping center at the heart of Orchard Road to allow retailers to enjoy an excellent meal and enhance their shopping experience.

4.Marina Square Mall

Location: Marina Square Mall

Marina Square Mall Singapore

Source:Marina Square Mall

The Marina Square shopping center is located in the shopping center, restaurants, entertainment and culture of the lively and attractive downtown Marina Center.

3 world class hotels - Singapore Mandarin Oriental, Singapore Mandarin Marina and Pan Pacific Singapore. Marina Square is a theatrically theatrical theater of Esplan, such as the Bay Theater, close to the Singapore Flyer Gardens and the Bay. The Mayor's Office, Esplanade and Promenade can be purchased by MRT stations. Marina Square offers 5 exclusive and exciting boutiques for more than 200 specialty stores that incorporate fashion, catering, children and lifestyle concepts.

In July 2013, Marina Square published "Dining Edition" as part of the reconstruction plan. The Dining Edition offers a wide range of restaurants and bakeries, as well as coffee combinations. The second phase of the reconstruction of Marina Square consists of a commercial wing of approximately 200,000 square feet, completed by "Esplanade" completed in the last quarter of 2015. There is now a new facade, the Open Piazza and the Garden Level 3. New concepts for the new wing include Pororo Park, Rolex's largest boutique in Southeast Asia. It's closed

With a café and a warehouse, and a red cubicle with the child brain of DP Architects GRUB, it serves a good quality grocery store at a relatively low price. The mall is full of promotional calendar and organizes various weekend activities and fairs at the 4,500 square foot airport. Atrium The Singapore Retail Association (SRA), the annual shopping mall balloon event that hits naturally, was the best retail event of 2012 and the expanded reality Christm.

5. Vivo City.

Location: 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585, Singapore

Vivo City Singapore

VivoCity in Singapore is one of the largest shopping centers in Asia. Located on Harbourfront and touted as a shopping, entertainment and lifestyle destination, VivoCity is one of Singapore's largest cinemas, the country's largest toy store, an amphitheater, a large pool and 4 gaming spaces. It is always refer to by most tourist and visitors as a true megacity.

The design of Vivo City is inspired by the development of the Harbor Front, which broadcasts images of the waves. Each location takes you intuitively to the next level, creating an extremely pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience. Vivo City was designed by Toyo Ito, a Japanese architect. He is a man behind the famous Sendai Media, known for its distinctive style, which focuses on the use of nature, the changing climate and outdoor spaces.

If you want to buy Western-branded products like Levi's, you're in the right place, because The shopping centers of VivoCity are spread over 7 levels and cover almost all brands. Teens will surely love imported products from Warehouse, Ted Baker and Tommy Hilfiger.

There are accessories to change your outfit. As a parent or guardian, you can get anything for your kids at the Singapore's biggest toys. In addition, there are many baby clothes, including several maternity stores at Mother care.

6.Next Mall Singapore.

Location: 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083

It is a regional shopping center located in Serangoon, in the northeastern region of Singapore. It is the largest shopping center in northeastern Singapore and one of the largest urban centers in the country. It is affiliated with the air conditioning of Serangoon Bus Station and Serangoon MRT.

Next Mall Singapore

Source:Photo Uwe Schwarzbach

NEX mall is a great place for family and friends to come together. Shops on the sands of Marina Bay.

From the main part of the Marina Bay area, shortened by 57 stories from the Sands Sky Park Observatory, the deck offers panoramic views of the Marina Bay and all of the whistles of Singapore's reality class. Look at the gardens of Supertree Grove, you would marvel at the marine landscape stretching from the South Bay to the Singapore Strait.

Above, try your hand at highlighting Singapore's landmarks. Look at the colorful capsules in the Singapore Flyer and the Esplanade's permanent dome, another statue of Singapore's great tourism attraction. Also notice the orange colored roofs of the shadows around the Singapore River.

If you are a guest at the hotel, take a cozy and luxurious drop in the Infinity Pool. The Singapore Pool offers spectacular views of the city at sunset. From the beginning to the eventPlaza to catch Spectra, a free night light and water show that takes place all night at Waterfront Promenade. Relax your tiring day at some of the best restaurants and bars in the Marina Bay area.

7.City Square Mall

Location: 180 Kitchener Road #03-53/55

City Square Mall

Singapore 208539

City Square Mall Singapore

Source:City Square Mall Night [HR] by Wansai Ounkeo

City Square Mall is located at the intersection of Serangoon and Kitchener Roads in Singapore's New World Historical Park. Own an area near Little India. Farrer Park is one of the five most visited places, directly connected to the subway station and hopes to attract local buyers and tourists.

Approximately 450,000 square feet spread over five retail levels, two basements and four lifestyle services. With a net area of ​​more than one meter, it has become the home of about 200 tenants who face the lucrative wealth of the middle class families.

The City Square shopping center, which offers a wide range of cash products and value desks, offers limited time training and crossings as universal food are considered "downtown". It creates an ideal environment to meet, play and shop with the community while gaining an ecological learning experience.

8.Bugis Junction Shopping Mall.

Location: 200 Victoria St, Singapore 188021

Bugis Junction Shopping Mall Singapore

Source:Bugis Junction #1 by Choo Yut Shing

Located in the heart of the civic and cultural area of ​​Singapore, the Bugis Mall enjoys connectivity directly from the basement to the Bugis MRT station which provides good communication and good service with the main public bus routes. Built close to Singapore Management University, LASALLE College of Art and the School of Art, Bugis Crossroads is a modern fashion destination with an appealing gourmet destination for young amateurs and professionals alike.

Bugis Junction is the first and only lighting of the air-conditioned sky in Singapore. The shopping streets are surrounded by charming historic shops, representing new, and showcasing integration of the old world. Beautiful boutiques and luxurious sidewalks in exciting spaces. Further more, the cafes will delight you with the atmosphere of an old city in a new city. Shopping at Bugis, really enlightens as well as bringing in an old memory in a fashion and new form.

And up there you have them. One of Tue best places for your shopping experience while in Singapore. So, try as much time as you like, to have the greatest fun with all these or either one of the Shopping Malls. Best regards.

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