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4 Places Where You Get the Best Wings in Atlanta

Who doesn’t like a nice juicy chicken wing? And of course, one is not enough when it comes to this dish. If you are someone who absolutely loves chicken wings (which most of us do) then we understand your obsession to search for places that serve tasty chicken wings.

After all, your craving to munch on them can be anytime and you need a handful of places where you can go. Now, although there are many options when it comes to restaurants serving wings in Atlanta, you must be looking for places that serve the best wings in Atlanta.

To help you on your search to find places where you can get the best wings, we have listed a few spots where you can get exactly what you want. So, without further ado, let’s start with the list, shall we?

1.  The Wing Bar

This place serves the most wholesome wings in Atlanta. Here you get a variety of wings that bombards with rich flavours. This place is particularly famous for the saucy wings and their menu is packed with a different variety of saucy wings.

Agave BBQ, Cayenne, Hot Honey are just a few of the flavoursome wings from their menu. Visit this place and get lost in the richness of saucy chicken wings.

2. Anchor Bar

Now, this place might be a bit far from the main Atlanta metro area but it’s worth taking a drive to this spot if you love a good Buffalo Wings. Anchor Bar, Kennesaw is one of the branches of the Anchor Bar, Buffalo NY.

This place serves the original Buffalo Wings with their secret ingredient. Along with a wide range of food items, this place serves many of their dishes with their signature Buffalo Wings.

3. A Town Wings

If you love to munch on piping hot chicken wings then this is the place you must visit. A Town Wings always serve fresh to order wings which literally means wings that come freshly made from the kitchen.

Whether you want crispy fried wings or drippy saucy wings, here you can get one of the best wings in Atlanta. If you visit this place any time soon then make sure to try out their Lemony Pepper Wings as they are truly to die for.

Loaded with flavors coming freshly cooked out of the kitchen, you cannot resist digging in them.

4. Jack’s Pizza & Wings

Want something to grab something tasty with your wings then you must visit Jack’s Pizza & Wings. This place is a treasure-trove for those who love wings, pizzas and other fast food items.

This place will get your order ready in no time without making any compromise on the quality of food served from their menu. Wings served at Jack’s Pizza & Wings are perfectly dripped with flavorsome sauces and are oh-so juicy.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a visit to these places one by one and satisfy your craving for best wings in Atlanta.

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