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Ten Billionaire Entrepreneurs Who Started With Nothing

On this list, you will get to see people that started from nothing to becoming very successful in life by possessing few traits such as perseverance, determination and so forth, and if you’ve been stuck as to how you can bring that your dream to a reality, then I guess you would find encouragement from these successful people.

Although it is true that most millionaire and billionaires are born into wealthy families, yet is it true that not all of this modern days millionaire or billionaires were actually born into one of such families. Some have to work their way up into being what they are today. Some have to give up academies too, into pursuing what they deemed their dreams, and today, the rest is history as they would say.

However, not everyone that goes after his or her dream is actually a success story reason is that success has a law in itself. So what you will notice from these wealthy billionaires that had to build their wealth from nothing is that they all pose either one or more similar traits that had helped them to have achieved this wealthy feat.

So, here is a list of Ten People Who Started With Nothing and Became Ultra Successful.

10. Mohed Altrad, CEO Altrad Group.

Mohed Altrad, who was born into a Nomadic tribe in a Syrian desert, was raised by his grandmother who stopped him from school in the Ragga, which is the capital of ISIS presently. But note that this happened, after his Father raped his mother, who later died while he was still very much younger.

Mohed Altrad, CEO Altrad Group

In spite of this embargo, it is believed that he went to school anyway, but was a fob to French-speaking when he later moved there for his university studies. He also now had to live on one meal per day, this was how bad it went.

What follows is that he obtained a Ph.D. in computer science, worked in a number of leading French companies, and eventually bought an unsuccessful scaffolding company, now one of the world's leading manufacturing scaffolding and cement mixers company, Altrad Group.

Earlier, he was elected French Entrepreneur of the Year and Global Entrepreneur of the Year.

Net Worth: $2.6B

9. Oprah Winfrey.

At just 19, Winfrey had already become the  first African American TV correspondent in the state. But the story didn’t start on a roller cluster.

 Oprah Winfrey

She was born into a poor family in rural Mississippi. And she faced countless numbers of tragedy as well as rejections. However, her fighting spirit is what made her snapped up a scholarship early on. She got her own show(Oprah Winfrey show) in 1986 after she had moved to Chicago six years earlier to pursue her career in an AM talk show.

Net Worth: $2.7B

8. Do Won Chang – Founder of Forever21

Do Won Chang – Founder of Forever21

The couple's team - Do Won Chang and Jin Sook – never had it so easy up until they found Forever 21. After moving to America in 1981 from Korea, Do Won had to do with working on three jobs to make ends meet at the same time. The couple opened their first clothing store in 1984, now an international clothing empire.

Net Worth: $3B

7. Ken Langone

Langone had to work odd jobs just to ensure he pays his school fees while at Bucknell University, in the height of this, his parents mortgaged their home

Ken Langone

In 1968, Langone worked with Ross Perot to introduce Electronic Information Systems to the public. Only two years later, he partnered with Bernard Marcus to launch the Home Depot, which was released to the public in 1981.

Net Worth: $4B

6. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Lauren, who graduated from the Bronx High School in New York, later left the university to join the Army. While working as a secretary at the Brooks Brothers, Lauren asked if men were ready for a wider and brighter design of ties. In 1967, when he decided to make his dream come true, Lauren sold ties worth $ 500,000. He started Polo the following year.

Net Worth: $6.3B

5. Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan


Although now one of the richest men on earth, Khan had to live on a wage of $1.2 an hour as a dishwasher while also studying at the University of Illinois when he moved to the United States from Pakistan. He is now the owner of an English football club, Fulham and several other companies in the United States. Flex-N-Gate, the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars.

Net Worth: $7.9B

4. Abrahimovic: Business Tycoon and Chelsea football owner,  

Chelsea football club owner, Abramovic, was raised by an Uncle after he was orphan at age two. He was, however, born into poverty in southern Russia.

Abrahimovic  Chelsea football owner

In 1987, when he was a student at the Moscow Institute of Motor Vehicles, he started a small company that produces plastic toys, which eventually helped him find an oil business and make a name for himself in the oil industry. Later, as the sole leader of Sibneft, it completed the merger, which became the fourth largest oil company in the world. In 2005, the company was sold to state-owned gas titanium Gazprom for $ 13 billion.

In 2003 he bought the Chelsea Football Club and in 2010, owns the largest yacht in the world, which cost him about $ 400 million.

Net Worth: $11.9B

3. Leanoardo Del Vecchio: Italian billionaire businessman, CEO, Luxottica.

The then poverty sticky guy who lost part of his fingers as a factory worker.

Del Vecchio was one of five children who were eventually sent to an orphanage because his widow mother could not cater to him. He would then work in a factory that made molds of auto parts and sunglasses. At the same time, he lost part of his fingers.

Leanoardo Del Vecchio

Del Vecchio opened his own manufacturing company to becoming the world largest manufacturer of sunglasses and prescription glasses at just age 23.

Net Worth: $20.8B

2. Ka-Shing; Hong Kong business magnate investor

Ka-Shing fled to Hong Kong from mainland China in The 1940s. Ka-Shing had to shoulder the responsibility of his siblings after he lost his father at just age 15. And he had to leave school.

Ka-Shing fled to Hong Kong

He, however, in 1950, started Cheung Kong Industries, and before the business expanded into real estate business, it started off as plastic manufacturing company.

Net Worth: $29.4B

1. Larry Ellison: CTO, Oracle company.

Ellison grew up in Chicago as he was raised by her aunt and uncle.

He left for California to work odd jobs for the following eight years as he had to drop out of school because of the death of his Aunt.

Larry Ellison: CTO

In 1977, he founded Oracle, one of the world's largest technology companies, where he’s now the CEO and CTO.

Net Worth: $68.4B

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