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Where to join for CBSE class 11 economics online coaching?

Class 11th is difficult for students as 11th graders are required to choose subjects and also direction and support to study properly. Being a tedious class, students require help. The CBSE class 11 online economic classes are there to fulfill this purpose. The online classes provide great help to students. All the concepts can be cleared through regular watching of video lectures. The need for online classes increased at an alarming rate. Economics is a tough subject and so the online classes of Vidya Setu strive hard to make students understand the subject deeply. There is a growing need for CBSE class 11 online classes.

How to choose the best CBSE class 11 online classes?

One can opt for the best CBSE class 11 online classes by considering a few important factors which are mentioned below:- 

  • Faculty-The faculty is the backbone of any great institution. Here at Vidya Setu has fully experienced faculty. The faculty is devoted and skilled in their teaching and are among the top best teachers in the country. Faculty impart quality knowledge about the economics subject. Students today easily get disheartened if they are unable to understand some topic. Vidya Setu provides the expert faculty to guide them and to provide them the correct direction. Students can ask their queries and get their problems solved. All they need is to type their question/query in the comment section box of the video lecture. The faculty will not only solve the question appropriately but will also provide you an explanation in much detail.
  • Fees- Vidya Setu doesn’t charge any fees for imparting the video lectures. The no-fee system is implemented by keeping in mind the needs and concerns of the normal middle-class students and also of the students who can’t afford expensive tuition fees. All the lectures are available free of cost in the CBSE class 11 online classes by Vidya Setu. Students of all classes low, middle, and high can get benefit from the online classes.
  • Online facilities- Vidya Setu offers outstanding online facilities. Students can easily play, pause and stop the lectures imparted by the expert faculties.
  • Videos- Vidya Setu offers online videos of all economics subject. The subject is explained properly in the videos.
  • Syllabus-Vidya Setu covers all the syllabus of the economics subjects. The entire vast syllabus is nicely covered in all the video lectures.
  • Subjects- Vidya Setu is the ultimate platform where CBSE class 11 online classes are provided for all the subjects.No subjects remain untouched. The expert faculty has provided lectures on all subjects of class 11 on the Vidya Setu site.
  • Method of Teaching- Expert faculty at Vidya Setu has a very distinct way of teaching methodology. The teaching pattern is student-friendly and easy to understand by the students. Teachers here explain every topic so much efficiently that it straight away goes into the student’s mind. The teaching methodology creates all the difference.
  • Comparison chart of VidyaSetu with Vedantu, byjus- 



Vidya Setu 



Most experienced 

Very Good

Online Facility 









Not Updated 


Completely Updated


Good quality 

Good Quality

HD quality

Benefits of choosing the best CBSE class 11 online classes

A student can have maximum benefits if he/she chooses the best CBSE class 11 online classes. Some of those benefits are mentioned below:-

  • With online classes, students according to their own comfort can attend the video classes at any time of the day.
  • There is no chance of skipping the lectures as every video lecture is available online. So any irregularities in attending the lectures are not there.
  • Students find online classes much easier to understand when compared with regular classroom studies. Also, a student can play, pause, stop and rewind the lectures as per desire.
  • In the online lectures provided by Vidya Setu, each and every topic is explained so nicely by the expert faculty.
  • Students residing in rural areas can benefit a lot from the online lectures. It is a very convenient thing for them.
  • No time is wasted in visiting the institute as with online coaching one just needs to watch the lecture simply sitting at home.


We see that if students are searching to gain online coaching then the best website for them is Vidya Setu. Vidya Setu not only provides the best CBSE class 11 online classes but also explains the topics of every subject so precisely and perfectly. Students can have many advantages of having such coaching. The classes are also less time-consuming and are easy to watch.

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