The Basics of CNC Wire Machine

What Is CNC Wire Forming?

CNC wire forming or wire bending is an advanced technique used to manipulate metal into standard or customized shapes for the manufacturing of products. Consisting of various shapes and sizes, wire forms are fabricated with machines through heat treatment, cutting and bending. CNC wire forming machines operate by using standardized tooling to alter the shape of the wire in size and dimension to create complex two-dimensional and three-dimensional parts.

Wire forming in general is instrumental in a number of industries—automotive, aerospace, construction, military, commercial, and electrical sectors—to name a few. Wire forms are fabricated from a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and a number of alloys. CNC wire forming offers benefits such as custom design, less setup time, reduced development time for introducing new or modified product parts into the market, and lower per-piece costs even in small to medium size production runs.

wire bending machine 

The Working of CNC Wire Forming Machine

Cable forming technology has revolutionized the manufacturing market. We can make 2D and 3D wire types to efficiently meet with the client’s requirements. It’s the procedure for taking wire out of a spooled coil and then bending or forming to some specific configuration. The cable forming machine employs the machine of uncoiling the substance by the spool and operating via a set of opposing wheels.

After the cable or the pub is fed to the articulating mind, through a set of dies and hooks rotates around the right cord in many of bends. There are lots of forms of cable benders available on the marketplace a few of which are extremely restricted in their application and extent. Today, using CNC technologies, newer and highly modifiable machines have been utilized to make wire for countless rebar used in concrete types to shop racks and a lot more.



1. Kitchen baskets

2. Display racks

3. Springs

4. Fan guards

5. Home decoration

6. Bathroom accessories

wire bending machine


1. This kind of machine is used for embossing, shearing, slotting, etc..

2. It’s a high precision

3. there’s a high degree of automation and thus it doesn’t need very substantial abilities to function.

4. It has the ability of providing perfect bend or cut.

5. It makes use of high precision ball screws and linear guides.

6. They save money through efficiency increase, by recreating the programmed design on a constant basis.

wire bending machine

Selecting a Reputable Manufacturer

In selecting a wire form company to manufacture parts and components, compatibility and trust are important factors to consider—a working relationship is a must. But companies should look for a manufacturer that is committed to operating a safe, cost-effective manufacturing plant with a history of producing exceptionally high-quality products.

CNC wire forming offers manufacturers high-volume production runs with greater accuracy than traditional wire forming methods. It allows manufacturers to easily fabricate pre-programmed two-dimensional and three-dimensional parts and components for products in a wide variety of industries. When choosing a manufacturer, look to its wire forming capabilities, certifications, and be assured by its QMS protocols. Where customer service excels, a sound working relationship will follow. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us!


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