Rajashree Banerjee

What makes india more vulnerable to corona

We have heard the three ‘O’ s that are-Omnipotent,Omnipresent and Omniscient.These three reminds us of Almighty.The first two, if not the third one has taken the form of a virus currently,none other than deadly COVID-19.It broke out from its parent country China.Parent because,China had created the cradle for Corona.Then it became pervasive though human to human transmission.I never imagined that the 2010 sifi movie “Contagion” would happen in real life.

       So far the virus has affected so many countries,taking lives,causing economic slowdown.But Italy mostly bore the burnt of it in terms of casualties. Now,coming back to the title, let’s discuss the circumstance in India right now.

      The central and state government have taken necessary steps to fight the COVID transmission.But humorously,Not corona but the immense stupidity of some Indians is making our country more prone to peril.Instead of multiple orders and requests of Government some people are violating the rules.That makes me more infuriated.Some people are behaving in such a way that they have been gifted an unexpected holiday.They yet not understanding the gravity of the situation.I have came across so many videos in social media that proves the level of stupidity Indians have.Some morons marched the road on the date of Janta Curfew as if they were in bisarjan rally.Martin Luther once said-“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”The quote seems accurate now. Again On 5th April some people celebrated diwali with fire crackers and so many innovative ideas not understanding the purpose.Actually these show that Govt has taken steps but hasn’t strictly implemented.Nobody is enjoying lockdown.So many people out there facing difficulties due to this.The daily wagers are suffering the most.But we are bound to maintain the lockdown for our own sake.Cause only lockdown and social distancing is our weapon now to fight this virus.

     People are taking it so casually that gathering in tea stalls,temples ,masjids is important to them than their own lives and others lives.My question is if you lose your life,then how are you going to pray any more?Some people are saying “one day we all will die.Why to fear then?”When I think about it I burst out in laughter.Yes,one day all of us will die,but no one wants to lose his life prematurely.We all consciously or subconsciously fear death if not severely depressed.Life is one and only,keeping it safe should be our moto more importantly when our life is intertwined with other people.

    To conclude,I hope this dark phase will pass by and we again will see the light,light of hope.We will again live fearlessly,stroll on the street freely.May God give us strenghth to fight and sense to some morons.

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