Viral Paun

CSE promoting Travel industry

As of now we have Internet of things is mostly being developed for so many sectors and so would as make a view for bringing the IoT field in travel and tourism and would see that it is effective to increase the tourism sectors

Also augmented reality and virtual reality are the fields helping to expand the industry majestically


The project would mainly focus to increase the business and industry of tourism by introducing the IoT and Augmented and Virtual reality in the field.


Internet of things is all most something based on automation that things need not be done manually and can be controlled by something in the internet. So introducing this technology to this field would make things so good for us.And augmented and virtual reality is something that helps create the visions and s a combination of all these would be bring a vast growth in this industry.


Almost everyone in the world would love to travel around the world. In airports, Iot may mean using sensors and sending relevant information to the smartphones of people and electronic key cards to hotels and all for which the person do not have to always have the keys in their bag while wandering around and worry about it. And again it would be IoT in hotel rooms and much more to be explored in the project.


Augmented reality would help interact the hotel elements and the best of it would be the augmented destinations also heading with Beacon technology and gamification. Virtual reality includes the use of VR headset and it would be helpful in creating a virtual tour to hotels creating the real vision of being in it.

The vision and showing the beauty of the place one want to travel may increase the customers. This when brought to practice and when marketing and suggestions being given to users for the websites, this might create the customers.


So to bring changes and to increase the growth of travel industry, when working on vision and automation would help the industry grow vastfully.

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