Can I upgrade a Jetstar flight with Qantas points?

Yes, you can upgrade your JetStar flight through the usage of the Qantas award points. Many use this method to save their money on booking a new flight with JetStar. However, all of them have a common issue that is they do not know how to accomplish this task. They can connect with JetStar customer service and gain help related to the booking of the flights through the reward points offered by Qantas airline. You can effectively perform this issue through the use of the steps given below.

Visit the official website of JetStar airways and land on its homepage to sign in to your account.

Sign in with the registered email address and the password in the required field to log in to the official account.

In addition, click on the manage booking option and enter the Booking Reference with its username.

Select the flight upgrade option and select the correct method you need for the up-gradation of your flight.

Choose the seat number to upgrade your current reservation and by using the Qantas points.

Now, go to the payment section and enter Qantas points as the method of final payment.

Alternatively, choose the flight reservation option in official account and start the process to book your JetStar flight through online mode.

Enter the details of the destinations and the schedule of the flight operations in the necessary sections.

Select the number of passengers and the cabin class to choose the desired flight for your air journey.

Get the flight upgrade option and complete it by the Qantas points on the final checkout page to enter all details.

With the adequate use of the whole process given here, you can effectively use the Qantas points for your reservation. Those who are still confused about Can I upgrade a Jetstar flight with Qantas points can connect to its support to obtain additional details. Know How do I speak to someone at Jetstar and Get in touch with the live person of JetStar to get information about the extra details.

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