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Can You Own A Full Auto Blank Gun?

Usually, when it comes to using and handling weapons, there are a set of rules you have to follow. But with some weapons, the rules are stricter because of what they can inflict and how. There is no doubt about the fact that guns are definitely high on that list of weapons. They are dangerous and require proper handling all the time. It is imperative that most guns you get should be used with caution and while caring for the people around you. That is however, not the case with blank guns as they are not as harmful. Blank guns are meant to be used with a clearer conscience and an even safer process. When it comes to legality, if you wonder, can you own a full auto blank gun, you can. Due to some fundamental feature differences, blank guns are not the same thing as real firearms. They are easier to handle and less of a hassle to everyone around you, including you. 

The main purpose for a lot of people to use or own blank guns is to look cool or to shoot for thrill. While these are legit reasons to own one, you still need to be careful toting guns in public or even in private. If your solitary purpose for using guns is temporarily shooting them off then might as well get a blank. The prospect of safety is something quite relevant to using blank guns. That is why you will also now see a rise in availability of blank guns for sale in the market as well. 

The Safety Feature In Blank Firing Guns 

Anyone who has not used a blank will find it hard to believe anything resembling a gun is supposed to be safe. But there are actually two distinct features that make blank guns much safer than any other firearm that you might carry. 

  • Firstly, a blank gun has an obstructed barrel which means it does not allow bullets to fire through. Even if you do attempt it, you will not be able to modify a blank gun to shoot a bullet. So, whether you use it recreationally or as a scare tactic, it wont shoot anything and that makes it infinitely safer. 
  • But it seems even lamer to buy a gun that doesn’t shoot anything, which is not exactly the case here. The blank gun does not shoot metal bullets or rounds. Inside every blank gun there is a specific ammunition that is also called a round or BB sometimes. It is a paper or plastic casing that contains gunpowder. With the absence of a metal exterior, these rounds can be shot through the barrel without any residue or harmful shell. The gunpowder creates the smoke, and the shot creates the bang which emulates a real gunshot. 

Using Blank Guns In Various Places

It may seem unorthodox to go for blank guns when you can just control your shooting habits. But there is a significant debate around security when it comes to guns that just can't be ignored. It is not just recreational activities that use guns and that is why there are so many dangers involved. But there are actually multiple tasks and instances where blank guns are very useful. 

  1. Training police dogs on the field – there is a large number of canines that are trained in the police force for ground work. In active shooting fields or chaos, dogs get nervous with loud bangs and noises. To keep them calm under chaotic situations, police dogs are trained with blank guns to acclimatize them to the sounds. 
  2. In different gunning ranges, blank guns are also the most used training weapons. There are multiple blank guns that are used by amateurs for shooting and professionals to get certified marksmanship as well. 
  3. You may have heard your fair share of aerial gunfire during holidays, occasions and events. You may be one of these people that like to shoot guns off at these different times. But stray bullets are a very continuous threat to innocent lives. Using blank guns for celebratory gunfire is a responsible and yet fulfilling way to get the thrill you want. 
  4. Speaking of adrenaline, nothing gets the nerves pumping like the sound of a pistol signaling a match or a race. Using pistols at games and school sporting events is another ongoing tradition. Out of fear of stray bullets, substituting real bullets with some 9mm blank ammo will retain the experience but cut the risk. 
  5. Stage and film production heavily relies on guns as one of their major props. You will see them featured in all kinds of different plots and scenes. Using unloaded real guns is and has proven to be a threat to everyone on set. You can easily replace these with blank firing replica guns that have the same intensity and sound as a real gun. They are safe to be used in close range and will maintain the authenticity of the scenes. 
  6. One added advantage of buying blank guns is also that they are cheap to buy and replace. That is especially suitable to gun collectors who admire more than they use. You can buy a proper replica blank gun for half the price of the real one, shoot it off and still be responsible and safe. They are untellable from their real counterparts and more affordable as well. 

Buying Front Firing Blank Guns At Suitable Prices

If you are a gun enthusiast, there is no reason that you should have to pay for them. Figuratively and literally, owning guns does not have to be such a taxing experience. If you are not killing or hunting, any other gun-related activity can be pacified with a blank gun. Luckily, even with the most expensive pieces, you will find a larger number of affordable blanks than the other way around. 

For any reason, if you are interested in buying blank guns, the best place to look for them is online. Since the trend around blanks is still developing, they may not be available everywhere. You can simply log onto PA Knives, a reputable wholesale online store that carries a selection of blank guns. Buy to your heart’s content without compromising your budget or conscience.

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