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Can I Add a Child to an already booked flight on Ryanair

Suppose you are planning to take a trip with your wife to Mexico, and you have made all the reservations with the airline. Suddenly your child\'s summer camps get canceled, and now he has to travel with you. Now you want to add the child ticket to your booking, and you are wondering about it. Can I Add a Child to an already booked flight Ryanair? Then don\'t worry. Just keep on reading the information given below to find out airline child policy and methods of adding a child to your booking.


What is Ryanair's Child policy?

  • Unaccompanied minors- Ryanair Airlines does not allow children who are under 16 to travel alone. Children who are under 16 must be traveling with an adult as the airline does not provide Escort and special facilities.
  • If you are thinking Can you add an infant to a flight after booking ryanair? Then it is not permitted to add a child who is under 16 to your booked reservation, so you can book a separate booking for a child who is above two years of age and link it later on.
  • Infants who are aged between 8 days to 23 months traveling with the airline must be accompanied by an adult whose age is 16 or above. 
  • As per the child policy, Infants who are aged seven days and under are not allowed to travel with the airline.
  • If you are wondering Does Ryanair charge for infants, then the answer is yes If your infant reaches the age of 2 years before their departure date, then you will have to pay the applicable adult fare, taxes, fees, and charges for the booking.
  • If you want to reserve a flight for a child under 16, then it can be done online (as an adult), and once the reservation is completed, you will need to connect with the customer support of the airline to link your booking.


How can you add an infant to your reservation?

If you are thinking, How do I add a family member to Ryanair? Then it can be done online by using the online reservation option through the official website, or you can do it by purchasing the ticket at the airport. The best way of adding an infant to your reservation is by doing it online. Follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Go to the official website of the airline at www.ryanair.com
  • Now you have to check the flight's option present on the top of the screen and choose your departure and destination airport, departure date, type of trip, and a number of passengers ( You can add teens, children, and infants traveling with you) shown and hit the search button.
  • After choosing the option, you will get the available flight details on your screen, and from there, you have to select the flight as per your requirements.
  • You will get sent to a different page where you have to fill out all the passenger\'s information which will include- the passenger\'s name, email, Government issued ids, etc. 
  • Now the total amount will be shown on the screen, and you have to pay the amount using online payment methods. 

What is the fee for booking a flight ticket for a child with Ryanair?

If you have already booked a flight ticket for your child and want to link the bookings for free, then t can be done if you are linking within 24 hours of the adult reservation time. If you are doing it outside 24 hours of the booking window, then you will be asked to pay €/£30 to link the bookings together. Your Bookings can only be linked to the adult bookings up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time, and they cannot be linked at the airport. The Ryanair Child Ticket Price can depend on the departure and destination place and type of class you have chosen.

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