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Celery Juice: Magic potion of health benefits, Fact or Myth

Celery Juice, a magic potion full of health benefits, Fact or Myth

Nowadays we tend to believe more what we see on social media. You wake in the morning and see a notification about a magic diet to reduce fat. Before verifying the fact and consequences you start following the tips.

In the case of some people, the effect is so severe that they even disbelief doctors or nutritionists.

Recently one such incident happened due to a viral post of Instagram.

Celery juice is an obsession for the health enthusiast. There are many questions revolves around this magical drink on the internet on several blogs like 

when to drink celery juice?
how much celery juice should i drink?
how much celery juice should you drink?
how much celery juice to drink per day?
is celery juice good for diabetes?
Is celery juice helpful for blood pressure?

There are already many beliefs about celery juice like celery juice on an empty stomach is a must-have drink to stay healthy it has gone to a new direction when a recent event happened.

An Instagram influencer with a huge number of followers and a large group of big-name has given a statement that drinking celery juice can fix constant ailments. 

Be that as it may, he doesn't have any medicinal knowledge, and specialists say a large number of his cases regarding celery and different vegetables and natural products aren't scientifically justifiable.

you may have gone over posts of individuals tasting on a green drink - celery juice. 

While it probably won't be to everybody's taste, it is absolutely a beverage existing apart from everything else. Google Trends insights show moderately little enthusiasm for celery drink in recent years until a developing influx of intrigue finished in a spike in inquiries prior this year. 

It's unquestionably not terrible for you. In its crude state, celery juice is low in calories and contains a fair measure of vitamin K and has a presence of other key nutrients and minerals.

When all of this started?

A man with name as Anthony William aka Medical Medium with 2 million Instagram followers and 3.4 million Facebook followers started praising this magic potion on his website and other social media. 

The face got boost when popular celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, and Novak Djokovic also shared their testimonials about the drink

According to his social media pages, some of the popular statements about natural health drinks are listed below

  1. fibromyalgia can be cured by Celery 
  2. Raspberries expel viral flotsam and jetsam from the circulation system
  3. celery juice can give help from ailments including malignancy and diabetes.

Dr. Austin Chiang, a gastroenterologist in Philadelphi told the BBC that cases made by Medical Medium are not upheld up by science and "could conceivably be destructive for patients."

When there is not enough proof supernatural comes

William openly admits that he has no medical experience. Rather, he says he gets his restorative data from "a soul." 

In one of his YouTube recordings he says: "When I was four years of age, I heard a voice: 'I am the soul of the highest. There is none above me yet God himself.'" 

He depicts in the video how, at that youthful age, the soul disclosed to him his grandma had lung cancer. 

On the web, he discusses "insider facts that have not yet surfaced about how to at long last mend", and says he can "uncover the truth about constant diseases you won't hear anyplace else."

Why These things go viral

No publicity is negative. Anything you do to entertain people, make them watch what they want, put a wrong belief in fancy gift wrappers will be popular.

Sometimes people know that this information is wrong but they think this is funny so let's share it.

In this course of action, it circulates among the people who are either in distress physically or mentally or they are just dumb to analyze all these.

Most of the cases these influencers are not that dumb.

They spend a lot of money on research about human psychology and social marketing.

Real Benefits Of Celery

  • New celery gives a wellspring of vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, folate, manganese, calcium, riboflavin, magnesium, and vitamin B6. 
  • It has a high level of water and electrolytes that can help avert lack of hydration
  • Celery is also a great source of fiber, but only in its whole form
  • It additionally contains mixes, for example, caffeic corrosive, p-coumaric corrosive, ferulic corrosive, apigenin, luteolin, tannin, saponin, and kaempferol, that are known for their cell reinforcement properties

Side Effects of Celery Juice

there are toxicants in celery-furanocoumarins and psoralens-which can cause skin issues and may bring about liver harm from breakdown intermediates during digestion
Celery juice may cooperate with specific drugs (blood thinners strike a chord due to the vitamin K content in celery) so consult with your doctor in the event that you are going to begin drinking celery juice on regular basis.

Opinions of Doctors

 Dr. Chiang says We imagine this is truly adding to the falsehood out there and could conceivably be hurtful for patients 

They imagine that piece of what makes those records appealing is that when you eat foods grown from the ground and embrace a solid way of life, you presumably will encounter a portion of those advantages 

depending entirely on online medicinal exhortation from false influencers can possibly be amazingly risky. 

Those who work in the human services industry have seen patients gotten through the crisis room or appear in their centers past the point of no return since they've bought into a type of home cure that hasn't been founded on any science 

As a functioning YouTuber and Instagram client himself, Dr Chiang is concerned all the more by and large by the measure of medicinal falsehood accessible on the web. He has set up a non-benefit, the Association for Healthcare Social Media, so as to urge qualified specialists to draw in with the general population via web-based networking media.

Some verification mechanisms should be imposed by social media platforms and people should be responsible for reporting any false claims made by these social media icons rather than promoting it.

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