Can I Change the Name on an Emirates Airlines Ticket?

While booking a trip, it is common for travelers to make errors in their name or other travel details. This creates a lot of confusion and makes your experience troublesome. That’s why Emirates provides the name change and correction facility to its travelers.

So, grab information on changing or correcting your name on Emirates tickets.

Can I Change the Name of a Traveler on an Emirates Ticket?

No, you cannot change the entire name of a traveler on an Emirates flight ticket. Since the airline doesn’t allow transferring of tickets, you can’t change a name completely mentioned on it. So as per Emirates Name Correction Policy, you can make corrections to your name.

However, Emirates allows you to change or correct your name to an extent. There are certain guidelines as well as terms and conditions for correcting or changing your name with the airline. Also, you must change your name before the first flight of your itinerary.

What is Emirates Name Correction Policy?

Before correcting or changing your name with Emirates, go through the Emirates name correction policy highlights -

  • You can correct only up to 4 characters of your name on Emirates-operated flights.
  • Remove or add a middle name.
  • Only legal name changes are allowed such as because of marriage, divorce, etc.
  •  Add suffix/prefix/title to your name.

For more details, contact the Emirates customer service team.

Does Emirates Charge a Fee for Ticket Name Correction?

Yes, you have to pay charges to correct your name with Emirates. Here’s an overview -

All markets (except EU, UK, Brazil, and India)

USD30 per ticket for reservations made directly through Emirates.

EU, UK, and India

You need not pay charges where any of these was the point of sale.


Emirates doesn’t charge you where the points of sale and origin is Brazil.

How to Request a Name Change for an Emirates Ticket?

If you have made your bookings directly through the channels of Emirates, it is mandatory to raise a name change request at least before 2 hours of youtube flight’s scheduled departure.

  • For online change, visit the website of Emirates.
  • Through the Manage Your Booking section, make changes/corrections to your name.
  • Enter your six-digit booking reference and the passenger’s last name and follow the prompts.
  • Make sure that your name matches exactly as it is on your government-issued photo ID.

Alternatively, you can get connected through the Emirates contact center or any of its ticket offices. However, be careful while changing or correcting your name as Emirates change flight is also made through the Manage Your Booking section. And the first few steps are the same. So, proceed accordingly to the correct process.

Wrapping Up

So, don’t worry and be relaxed if you have entered your name erroneously while booking an Emirates trip. Follow the guidelines and policies set for this process and you will be good to go.

However, contact the respective travel agent for name correction or change if you have made the booking through a third party. Moreover, the customer service of Emirates is always there to assist you.

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