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How Do I Check in with Southwest Airlines?

How Do I Check in with Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines is the world's largest low-cost carrier and provides fantastic services to its customers like flight booking, cancellation, change, and many more before you board your flight with the Airline, you have to go through the check-in section; there are two ways through which you can make your check-in first is through

Southwest Airlines check-in app, and other through a phone call, but before proceeding with the process go through the check-in policy located below:-

Southwest Airlines check-in policy.

Before checking in with the Airline, review the policy points cited beneath, and understand the terms and conditions.

  • You can check in within 24 hours of your scheduled flight departure.
  • You can not make an online check-in if you are flying with children, pets, or infants; reach the Airport for the process.
  • If you want to add extra baggage, then you have to make the check-in again.
  • You can make it with 9 members at a time during online check-in.
  • For domestic flights to reach 2 hours prior and for international, arrive 3 hours before.

Check in through the website.

You can make your check-in for Southwest Airlines through online mode, where you can go ahead with the check-in process through the official website of the Airline to follow up on the method of this process, read the steps:-

  1. Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  2. Click on “check-in.”
  3. Enter your last name and reference code.
  4. Read your flight details and continue.
  5. Pay the check-in fee to the Airline.
  6. You will see your boarding pass.
  7. Download it from your screen.
  8. Then you will receive a confirmation message.

Make check-in through the phone. 


If you are finding it difficult to make the check-in through the website, then you can also make your check-in through a phone by calling on Southwest check-in phone number and communicating with the live human; follow the below points to go ahead:-

  1. Make a call to the Southwest Airlines check-in phone number.
  2. Select your chosen language,
  3. Select the check-in option from the IVR. 
  4. Then the call will be connected to the representative.
  5. Provide your last name and confirmation number.
  6. And also mention your other necessary details.
  7. Make the payment for your check-in 
  8. Then you will receive your boarding pass on your phone.

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