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Choose your loan and choose your destination

And like every year, Christmas is back! The Christmas Spirit invades our cities, towns, etc ... with Christmas markets, lights and people from all over the world visiting the customs of each city.

The holidays are coming and we are increasingly curious to travel to other cities in the world to celebrate Christmas in a different way. What will the celebration be like in… a ski resort, New York, London, etc…?

Calculate your trip ... and discover other customs.

In the end, they are curiosities that every day awaken us that concern and that is why prestalo.com brings you the 5 most visited destinations:

1.- New York

The Big Apple is dressed in lights, its streets are covered with snow, Central Park inaugurates its great ice rink and our beloved Rockefeller center puts on its most festive finery with its great tree. You shouldn't miss a Yankee game, or a gospel mass.

2.- London

Who wouldn't want to sing a Christmas carol under the fir tree in Trafalgar Square? or visit their flea market in Hyde Park. There is no better city to be able to visit the queen of England and to be able to visualize that changing of the guards. A destination to be able to finalize those gifts from our loved ones in the Harrods galleries .

3.- Lapland

Visiting Santa Claus is the journey of Christmas. He lives in Rovaniemi , on the line of the Arctic Circle. Nothing better to achieve your inner peace than to see Santa Claus in his town. Visit his post office and meet his reindeer.

4.- Andorra

Perfect combination of Leisure and sport. For snow lovers, this is the most recommended option. Taking the grapes in front of a fireplace or visiting Caldea is the best way to relax and recharge your batteries.

5.- Canary Islands

Unlike the rest, others prefer to spend a bit of heat and beach on these colder days. If you are one of these, this is your destination. Choose your loan and take your suitcase to enjoy its temperature and climate. Climbing the highest mountain in Spain, discovering the nature of La Gomera or resting on one of its paradisiacal beaches, that is to achieve your inner peace !

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