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Pursuit of Happiness author Chris Gardner's inspiring story

Overview of Chris Gardner story of struggle and success

This book is not just a book but one of the most difficult struggles in the life of Chris Gardner and the struggle of a father to shape the future of his young child!

In this book, Chris Gardner, the protagonist of a story that lets the bright sun leap out of the abyss of despair, tells the story of his journey to become a successful stock market business company owner. 


Chris Gardner had never seen his father since he was a child. He had experienced family quarrels with his mother and stepfather from a very early age.At one point, Chris's parents got into an argument, and his step father tried to burn Chris' mother to death, which led to his father's imprisonment.

And then Jordan's mother took over the responsibility alone,His mother raised and cared for him.When he became young He started working in the Navy,He fell in love with a beautiful girl in college time named Shaloy Linda and they got married. They had a son in 1981 but after the marriage, Chris had to give up his good job at Navy,later he got a job as a low-paid salesman,The work of typewriting machine and printing sale in that company which made it difficult for him to support his family.

 Linda supported him a lot but she also lost her temper,handed over to Jr.Christ Gardner and left him forever then he shifted to

San Francisco.


It was Chris Gardner's turn to take care of the younger Jr.

He could not find a good job anywhere, he was just frustrated wherever he went,And once upon a time it happened to him to choose to leave home to satisfy his hunger. Chris sometimes slept homeless at the bathroom of Railway-station, sometimes on the sidewalk,there was a time in Gardner's life when he had to sell  his own blood to survive, but he did not give up!

Now Chris started doing small chores and left his son in the care of a gentleman's family because he could not afford to keep the child in the nursery.When he was walking down the street for his job, he saw a big building and saw a lot of people coming in and out. He used to see it every day and think about what was going on inside.he asked a man,"if it was a castle building and what you work on?"he said," I earn $80,000 a month and it's a stock market and I work as a broker here"!!

So Jordan gets excited about this job and decides that this is what we want to learn and Even to do,Chris Gardner applied to the stock market broker agency as an internship candidate and was called for an interview, but a day before the interview, Chris Gardner arrested for failing to pay a penalty for parking a car in the wrong place.

The next day Chris wanted to go to the interview but his clothes were so bad that it would be too late to leave the house and change the clothes, so Chris ran to the interviewer's place and the interviewer kept looking at him.In the interview, Chris Gardner's education and white attire made it almost certain that he could not be selected, but Chris told the interviewer that even though I was not aware of anything, I kept searching and I found the answers to my questions.His answers was so different and he is selected for internship job. Chris goes to work every day and the internship candidate has a target of 100 calls a day. Chris Gardner sets himself a target of 200 calls and even if he drinks water, he will waste time urinating. And as the last day of the 6-month internship dawned, Chris arrived at work wearing new clothes, and the boss complimented Chris that you had put on a nice new shirt today Chris Gardner replied as that was his last day of internship and shading his tears but his Boss offered him to join from next day as working as selected employee. Chris got too happy as all his problems ended that day.Since then, Chris has never looked back and worked day and night for success.Chris speaks to him,"Today is my last day of work here."Within a few months after joining the brokership work employee, Chris started his own Chris Rich brokerage firm, investing $10,000, and set to work.

Chris Gardner is one of the world's multi-millionaires today and is keen to help those in need through charity work. He is a great motivational speaker and has published two books, the Pursuit of Happyness, a world-renowned pamphlet!!

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