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How to Care for Your Clear Aligners?

Do’s for Clear Aligners

  • You should rinse your Clearbite aligner before removing them, it will help to remove saliva, food particles, plaque and prevent bacterial colonisation.
  • Always handle your aligners with clean hands.
  • Do regular brushing and flossing before you wear the aligner. The better the oral hygiene, the more efficiently your aligners work.
  • Always handle one aligner at a time.
  • Clean it gently with a regular toothpaste using a soft bristle toothbrush. 
  • When you are not using your aligners, Use the aligner carry case provided to you in the kit and store them in a cool, dry, safe place. This will increase the life of your aligners.

Don’ts For Clear Aligners!

  • Don’t pinch or touch the aligners without any reason. Doing so will damage the shape of aligners.
  • Don’t eat hot food/drink hot beverages with your Clear aligners on. It will distort and damage your aligner.
  • Do not store them anywhere e.g. on your table or desk, in napkins or in a piece of paper.
  • Never use coloured soap to clean your aligner.
  • Do not bite your aligner into position, this can damage your aligner.
  • Do not try to trim or modify your clear aligners if they are hurting or irritating you. In such an event, you should contact your dentist and share your problem. Your Doctor will sort it out.
  • Never leave your clear aligners dirty. Clean them regularly, especially when you eat or drink highly-pigmented food or liquid. If not cleaned properly, your clear aligners may become visible due to the residual pigmentation.
  • Don’t skip a single day of wearing clear aligners, it will increase the overall duration of your treatment.
  • Avoid smoking while wearing clear aligners.
  • Chewing gum will affect clear aligners because gum may stick on to your clear aligners and create a medium for bacteria and food particles to dwell in
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