CyberArk Sentry PAM (PAM-SEN) Certification Exam Questions

CyberArk Sentry PAM (PAM-SEN) is widely recognized as one of the most popular CyberArk certification exams in the field of privileged access management. To support candidates in their journey towards successfully passing the CyberArk Sentry PAM exam, PassQuestion offers a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of CyberArk Sentry PAM (PAM-SEN) Certification Exam Questions that are designed to cover all the essential exam objectives, equipping candidates with the necessary knowledge and insights to confidently approach and conquer the exam. With our CyberArk Sentry PAM (PAM-SEN) Certification Exam Questions, you can boost your chances of acing the CyberArk Sentry PAM exam and demonstrating your proficiency in the field.

CyberArk Sentry – PAM Certification

The CyberArk Sentry PAM (PAM-SEN) certification is a professional certification that validates the skills and expertise of IT professionals in deploying and configuring CyberArk's Identity Security Privilege solution. Certified individuals are proficient in implementing CyberArk PAM solutions to meet the unique needs of organizations. They are responsible for defining the architecture, configuring workflows, managing and monitoring privileged account access, and integrating the solution with existing authentication systems. This certification demonstrates a high level of competence in identity security and privilege management, contributing to overall cybersecurity efforts. It is important to note that to be eligible for the CyberArk Sentry PAM exam, candidates are required to have completed the CyberArk Defender PAM certification.

CyberArk Sentry – PAM Exam Information

The exam has 65 multiple-choice questions.

You have 90 minutes to complete the exam.

The exam fee is $200 USD. 

Passing score (at least 70% correct). 

Pre-Requisites: Defender Certification: Defender - PAM 

CyberArk Sentry – PAM Exam Topics

Deploy the Vault

Deploy the Password Vault Web Access (PVWA)

Deploy the Central Policy Manager (CPM)

Deploy the Privileged Session Manager (PSM)

Deploy the PSM For SSH

Configure Integrations

Performance tune the solution

Install and deploy on a public cloud

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1.What would be a good use case for the Replicate module?

A. Recovery Time Objectives or Recovery Point Objectives are at or near zero

B. Integration with an Enterprise Backup Solution is required.

C. Off site replication is required.

D. PSM is used

Answer: C

2.What is the PRIMARY reason for installing more than 1 active CPM?

A. Installing CPMs in multiple sites prevents complex firewall rules to manage devices at remote sites.

B. Multiple instances create fault tolerance.

C. Multiple instances increase response time.

D. Having additional CPMs increases the maximum number of devices CyberArk can manage

Answer: D

3.What is the purpose of the password Reconcile process?

A. To test that CyberArk is storing accurate credentials for accounts.

B. To change the password of an account according to organizationally defined password rules

C. To allow CyberArk to manage unknown or lost credentials.

D. To generate a new complex password.

Answer: B

4.Which file would you modify to configure the vault to send SNMP traps to your monitoring solution?

A. dbparm ini

B. paragent.ini

C. ENEConf.ini I

D. padr ini

Answer: B

5.When a DR vault server becomes an active vault, it will automatically fail back to the original state once the primary vault comes back online.

A. True, this is the default behavior

B. False, this is not possible

C. True, if the 'AllowFailback' setting is set to yes in the PADR.ini file.

D. True if the 'AllowFailback' setting is set to yes in the dbparm mi file

Answer: C

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