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D-CIS-FN-23 Dell Cloud Infrastructure and Services Foundations

The D-CIS-FN-23 Dell Cloud Infrastructure and Services Foundations 2023 Exam is newly available to replace the retired DEA-2TT4 exam. As a pivotal component in IT certification, it's crucial to prepare thoroughly for the D-CIS-FN-23 exam. To assist you in your preparations, Passcert now offers the most recent D-CIS-FN-23 Dell Cloud Infrastructure and Services Foundations 2023 Exam Dumps which are designed to help you become well-prepared, boost your confidence, and equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to pass this important exam with ease. These resources not only allow you to familiarize yourself with the exam format but also provide a thorough understanding of the key concepts that are essential for the exam.

D-CIS-FN-23 Dell Cloud Infrastructure and Services Foundations 2023 Exam Dumps
Dell Cloud Infrastructure and Services Foundations 2023
This examination is centred on the construction of cloud infrastructure, using a cloud computing model as a reference. It delves into various cloud elements including applications, cloud services and orchestration, contemporary infrastructure (encompassing physical, virtual, and software-defined infrastructure), business continuity, security, and service management, all of which are critical in creating a cloud infrastructure. The test also concentrates on the underlying technologies, components, procedures, and mechanisms for each function. A few questions will refer to product instances utilized in the training to enhance understanding of the technologies and principles.

D-CIS-FN-23 Exam Objectives
Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing Reference Architecture, and Introduction to Cloud Computing (9%)

Application, Cloud Services, Orchestration, and Modern Infrastructure (32%)

Cloud Security and Business Continuity (37%)

Cloud Service Management and IT Transformation (22%)

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1. What is the goal of lean practices in a software development methodology?
A. Create quality software with the minimum number of team members
B. Create quality software in the shortest time period at the lowest cost
C. Develop software using 12-Factor modern application practices
D. Develop and deploy software using third platform technologies
Answer: B
2. How is the fulfillment process of a service request implemented in a cloud environment?
A. Cloud Administrator manually handles service requests
B. Element manager collects service requests directly from the catalog
C. Workflows defined in the orchestrator direct the process
D. Orchestrator allocates the same amount of resources to all service requests
Answer: C
3. What workflow software enables automation of complex IT tasks?
A. VMware vRealize Orchestrator
B. Dell EMC XtremIO
C. VMware HA
D. Dell EMC ScaleIO
Answer: A
4. A cloud provider installs a virtual firewall on a hypervisor to reduce the scope of a security breach when there is already a network-based firewall deployed in the cloud environment.
Which strategy did the cloud provider use to mitigate the risk of security threats?
A. Trusted computing base
B. Defense-in-depth
C. Information assurance framework
D. Adaptive security
Answer: B
5. Which component of the cloud reference architecture provides automated policy-driven management and delivery of heterogeneous resources?
A. Software-defined infrastructure
B. Orchestration
C. Business continuity
D. Cloud service
Answer: A
6. What is a possible cause for incurring high capital expenditures for IT, even though resources may remain underutilized for a majority of the time in a traditional data center?
A. IT resources are provisioned on demand
B. IT resources are provisioned as self-service
C. IT resources are configured for peak usage
D. IT resources are rented as services
Answer: C

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