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D-DP-DS-23 Dell Data Protection Design 2023 Exam Dumps

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Dell Data Protection Design 2023 Exam
This exam focuses on architectural and design principles that facilitate providing a solution that meets customer requirements. This exam covers the technical components, hardware and software of Data Protection products. This certification benefits any professional who needs to demonstrate their ability to design and size Dell Data Protection solutions. This includes planning and architecting Data Protection solutions given business and environment requirements.

The Dell EMC Data Protection Design certification is mainly targeted to those candidates who want to build their career in Data Protection domain. The Dell EMC Data Protection Design 2023 exam verifies that the candidate possesses the fundamental knowledge and proven skills in the area of Dell EMC DCS-TA.

Exam Information
Exam Name: Dell EMC Data Protection Design 2023
Exam Code: D-DP-DS-23
Exam Price: $230 USD
Duration: 120 mins
Number of Questions: 65
Passing Score: 63%

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1. A customer has a requirement to move to disk-based backups using Dell EMC Data Domain. They have asked for a sizing recommendation.
Which sizing tool can be used for a Data Domain solution?
A. Assessment Workbench
B. Backup Assessment Service
C. Live Optics
D. Solution Builder
Answer: D

2. You are planning a Dell EMC RecoverPoint solution for a company that has purchased four RPAs for their RecoverPoint cluster.
What information is needed to determine that the Consistency Groups are evenly balanced across the cluster RPAs?
A. Performance of the Copy Journal volumes for each Consistency Group
B. Available bandwidth for the RPAs' WAN interfaces
C. Change rate of the Production volumes in each Consistency Group
D. Number of Consistency Groups that will be created
Answer: C

3. What is an advantage of a shared switch topology in a PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Solution?
A. Outward facing interfaces can accept any Data Domain protocol
B. Least expensive topology
C. Topology allows for an enclave configuration
D. Most secure topology available
Answer: B

4. As a total data protection solution, which products are included in the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance family?
A. Data Domain, NetWorker, Search, and DPA
B. Data Domain, NetWorker, DPA, and ViPR SRM
C. Data Domain, Avamar, Search, and DPA
D. Data Domain, Avamar, DPA, and ViPR SRM
Answer: C

5. You are designing a Dell EMC RecoverPoint for VMs solution. During the design meeting, you are asked where point-in-time copies are stored to allow failover to a previous state.
What information should be provided to the customer?
A. Previous images are stored in the Journal
B. Older images are written to the Repository VMDK
C. Previous images are stored using the Copy storage
D. Copy vRPA memory holds each previous image
Answer: A

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