D-VXR-OE-23 Dell VxRail Operate 2023 Exam Questions

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D-VXR-OE-23 Dell VxRail Operate 2023 Exam Overview

This exam focuses on the overall product, hardware, and software components within a VxRail cluster. This includes components, cluster management, provisioning, monitoring, expanding, REST API, and maintaining with standard activities and troubleshooting. Successfully obtaining this certification enables and validates the candidate's ability to apply the knowledge and skills required to effectively administer a VxRail system in order to efficiently leverage the platform to solve business problems. The certification supports the skills needed to successfully work within environments undergoing digital and IT Transformations.

Part 1:

The first part of the exam has a duration of 75 minutes and consists of approximately 40 questions. To pass this part, you need to achieve a score of at least 63%.

Part 2:

The second part of the exam is shorter, with a duration of 45 minutes. However, it includes around 8 simulations that test your skills and knowledge. Like the first part, the pass score for this section is also 63%.

It is important to note that in order to pass the entire exam, you must achieve a passing score on both parts.

DELL EMC D-VXR-OE-23 Exam Objectives

Introduction to VxRail (9%)

● Describe VxRail use cases, architecture, models, and software stack

● Describe VxRail management, licensing, and data protection options

VxRail deployment options and implications for administration (11%)

● Identify VxRail vCenter Server deployment options

● Identify VxRail network deployment options

Manage the VxRail (38%)

● Mange the VxRail using the VxRail Plugin for vCenter Server

● Monitor the Health and Performance of the VxRail vSAN Cluster

● Manage vSAN Services

● Manage and use vSAN Storage Policies

● Manage the VxRail vSAN Cluster Availability

● Manage vSAN HCI Mesh

Perform Maintenance and Troubleshooting (21%)

● Explore SolVe Online and generate VxRail procedures

● Perform Cluster Expansion

● Perform Software Upgrade and File-Based Backup

● Perform Log Collection and Troubleshoot VxRail Issues

Perform Additional Administrative Tasks (17%)

● Manage VxRail Networking

● Manage a Stretched Cluster Deployment

● Perform cluster shutdown and startup and removing a node from a cluster

● Manage cluster passwords and SSL certificates

VxRail Appliance REST API (4%)

● Identify REST API functionality available in VxRail

● Use the VxRail API to perform tasks

View Online Dell VxRail Operate 2023 D-VXR-OE-23 Free Questions

1. A VxRail administrator wants to rename the VxRail cluster and the VxRail vSAN datastore. 

What is the recommended method to make these changes?

A. Refer to the VMvvare vSphere and vSAN documentation Follow the steps detailed in the VMware documentation

B. Renaming the objects is not permitted Rebuild the cluster with the desired names

C. Use SolVe to generate the relevant procedures Follow the steps detailed in the procedures

D. Refer to the VxRail Appliance Administration Guide Follow the steps detailed in the guide

Answer: B

2. A VxRail administrator observes alarms that start with VXR in the vSphere client.

How can they obtain information about the alarms and the related knowledge base articles?

A. Go to the Alarm Definitions page and click the KB link.

B. Use the VxRail Event Code Reference.

C. Use the VxRail Administration Guide.

D. Consult the General VMware Knowledge Base.

Answer: B

3. VxRail Manager provides a software stack for a software-defined data center.

Which layers are part of the stack?

A. Storage, security, and management

B. Security, management, and network

C. Network, storage, and security

D. Management, network, and storage

Answer: D

4. What is true about Multitrack VxRail cluster expansion?

A. All VxRail networks are routable by default

B. VxRail nodes in the same cluster within a rack can be on different subnets

C. VxRail cluster can be expanded up to a maximum of 4 racks

D. VxRail System VMs run on the nodes in the first rack

Answer: D

5. What enables an administrator to download qualified software products for the VxRail System?

A. Secure Remote Services

B. MyVxRail

C. VxRail Market

D. vSphere Update Manager

Answer: C

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