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Dell Avamar Deploy 2023 D-AV-DY-23 Dumps

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Dell Avamar Deploy 2023
The primary objective of this examination is to gauge the depth of understanding that candidates possess in relation to Avamar concepts and terminology. It is designed in such a way that it necessitates the successful participant to exhibit a comprehensive knowledge that is essential for the administration and monitoring of an Avamar backup solution across both single and multi-node environments.

In terms of the examination structure, candidates should expect a duration of 90 minutes. The examination will consist of 50 questions, designed to thoroughly test the candidate's understanding and application of the topics covered. A score of 63% is required in order to pass the examination, reflecting the standard of knowledge required.

Exam Topics
Topics likely to be covered on this exam include:
Avamar Concepts (22%)

Avamar Administration (78%)

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1. What does an EMC Avamar Accelerator node provide?
A. Backup and recovery functionality for NAS storage devices
B. Ability to offload processing from a Utility node
C. Ability to offload processing from a Storage node
D. Enhanced access to the Avamar File System
Answer: B

2. An administrator started an on-demand backup of a Dell EMC Avamar client. The backup is running low on performance, the daily scheduled backup for the same client is completing properly.
What is a possible cause for the issue?
A. On-demand backups initiate a consistency check before the actual client backup
B. On-demand backups in Avamar are generally slower than the scheduled backup
C. On-demand backups are triggered while garbage collection is running
D. On-demand backups will not check hash cache so more data is sent to the Avamar server
Answer: C

3. A Dell EMC Avamar server is having capacity issues. The Avamar server is displaying a critical system error alert.
Which maintenance window process is failing to complete causing the error alert?
A. HFS check
B. Garbage collection
C. Replication
D. Checkpoint creation
Answer: B

4. When backing up NAS devices to EMC Avamar, where does the data deduplication take place?
A. Storage node
B. NDMP Accelerator node
C. NAS device
D. Utility node
Answer: B

5. What is the result of installing the Upgrade Client package?
A. All the existing clients will be upgraded to the latest release
B. Avamar Downloads page is populated with all major client downloads
C. The ISO image of avamar-kickstart is populated
D. The Avamar installation GUI is started
Answer: B

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