Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Dubai?

Passengers from Schengen Area nations do not need a visa to enter Dubai because Dubai is still a part of the Schengen Area. All you need is an identity card or a passport that is current, has a minimum remaining validity of three months, and was issued within the last 10 years. Due to specific agreements that several nations, including the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, have with the Schengen Area, their nationals may enter Dubai without a visa for up to 90 days. Other than that, all travellers to Dubai, whether arriving via Cheap Flights UK  or any other airline in the globe, must first obtain a visa.

Who needs a visa to travel to Dubai?

All guests coming to Dubai from outside the Schengen area will need to apply for a Schengen visa before their trip.

However, if you are coming from; you don't need a visa to enter Dubai.

  • EU/EEA.
  • The US.
  • New Zealand.
  • The Republic of Andorra.
  • Other countries with a visa-free agreement with Schengen.

Types of Dubai Schengen Visas

  1. Business visa.
  2. Cultural or sports manifestation visas.
  3. Tourist visas.
  4. Short traineeships visas.
  5. Visa to meet family and/or friends.
  6. Visa for transit through a Dubai airport.

Requirements for Dubai Schengen Visa

  • Fill in the Dubai Schengen visa application form with valid detail.
  • Attach two passport-size pictures with the form that is latest.
  • Your passport, which must have at least three months remaining on it (after you depart Dubai).
  • A cover letter to explain the reason and intent of your;
    o   Visit to Dubai.
    o   Duration of stay.
    o   Plans to visit other Schengen countries, etc.
  • A complete itinerary for your round-trip Flights to Dubai  from UK.

Travel insurance that is accepted in all Schengen nations and offers at least €30,000 in medical coverage.

Documentation proving pre-arranged lodging, whether residing with a relative or in a motel.

  • Civil status documents as required, like:

o   Marriage certificate.

o   Birth certificate.
o   Divorce certificate.

A bank statement demonstrating that you have the resources necessary to cover the full cost of your stay in Dubai.

How to apply for a Dubai Schengen Visa?

  1. First, complete your visa application form with all necessary information and attach the necessary paperwork.
  2. Locate the nearest office or embassy where you can submit an application for a visa to Dubai.
  3. Schedule a meeting by email, in person, or by getting in touch with the embassy staff.
  4. Attend the visa interview and wait for your visa call.
  5. It takes 30 to 60 days to process your visa application and obtain a call from the authorities letting you know whether or not it was accepted.
  6. You can check the status of your visa application through;
  7. The website of Dubai Immigration.
  8. Over the Phone.
  9. E-mail.

So, if you are a foreigner that is how you can get a visa to visit Dubai.

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