What If My Name is Misspelled on My Airline Ticket Emirates?

If you have spelled your name incorrectly on an Emirates booking or entered a few characters by mistake, you can change/correct those. Thanks to Emirates name change and correction approach. So, Emirates allows you to change your name on its ticket if it is about a typo error or incorrect spelling.

A name change because of legal reasons such as marriage, adoption, legal decree, or divorce is allowed. However, you must provide valid documents to support your reasons. Let's look more into the name correction and change approach of Emirates.

Can I Change My Name on an Emirates Ticket?

Yes, Emirates allows you to change or correct your name on its ticket that you have misspelled. However, this is subject to charges.

  • For legal change of name, the airline allows you to do it whenever you want to do it during the journey.
  • You can’t change your ticket name completely as Emirates does not allow ticket transfer to someone else.
  • You might have to provide proof to support your change of name on your ticket.

What is Emirates Name Correction Policy?

Emirates has created a policy for correcting names on your flight ticket. To know more about it, go through the points mentioned here:

  • As per Emirates Name Correction Policy, you can make minor corrections to your personal details on the ticket.
  • Name correction is meant for making corrections of errors in your information characters and names misspelled.
  • Request the airline to correct your personal details before your flight’s departure.
  • You can’t modify your ticket details during the trip.

Is there a Fee to Correct My Name on an Emirates Ticket?

When you are changing your misspelled name on an Emirates ticket, you can change it for a fee. Take a glance of the fees:

USD30 per ticket for direct Emirates bookings as well as those through a travel agent or a third-party. However, the change is applicable for all markets except EU, UK, India, and Brazil.

Please note

There are no Emirates Change Flight fees, where the point of sale is -

  • The European Union (EU) including Norway
  • The UK
  • India
  • Brazil (the point of origin is also Brazil)

How to Request a Name Change for an Emirates Flight Ticket?

To raise a request for changing your name with Emirates -

  • Do it at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. This is in case of direct bookings.
  • You can get in touch with Emirates through its ticket offices or contact center.

If you have purchased your ticket through a travel agency, request them to make changes to your booking.

Bottom Line

So, don’t worry if you have spelled your name incorrectly while booking your trip with Emirates. The name correction and name change policy of the airline makes things convenient for you.

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