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Flowers which touches the soul with its heavenly fragrance

Flowers are a divine beauty and the fragrance of it is the sweet touch to the soul. Each flower has a distinctive scent which sets it apart from the others, besides its appearance. If you are familiar with the floral scent, you can even tell which is which flower even when your eyes are closed. 

The beauty of flowers draws the attention of the onlooker and keeps him captivated in its mesmerising charm, but it is the fragrance the flower carries which when it hits us, our mind saves it as a memory and which keeps lingering in our mind. A whiff of the floral scent triggers old memories and takes the person in a flashback to relive those moments when they received the flowers for the special cause by the special person and thus spread warmth among people. 

The scent of the flowers has a positive effect to calm the mind and refresh the mood. Not only the rich petals of the red rose speak the language of love but the subtle aroma of it also helps to make the environment romantic. The scent of the flower gives an everlasting memory by setting the atmosphere by the mood of the occasion. 

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Ever wondered why flowers smell so nice?


The floral perfume is the medium to attract pollinators to the flowers. The shape, size, colour and the fragrance of the flower are the ways that are used to draw the attention of the folivorous insects such as bees, moths so that pollination would take place. To initiate the reproduction, they spread their aroma in the air to make the flower appealing to the insects. 


Use of floral scent in the perfume industry


Flower scents are very pleasing to men that's why humans made use of it in the most effective way. The fragrance of the flowers is thus taken by the perfume industry to make a variety of products out of it for commercial use. 

We all love self-grooming and it is very important as well to present ourselves properly. It reflects our individuality, helps to make a proper impression of us and also self-care affects our body, mind and soul. It helps cleanse the mind, the aromatic scents help relax the body and soothes the soul. 

Flower fragrance is used to make perfumes, the very popular essential oils, fragrant soaps, lotions etc. Perfumes are used by both men and women in an extensive number and it also helps build up self-confidence. 

Smell has a direct effect in our mind and helps us remember a lot about someone. As much as the sight of the flower is eye pleasing, the smell of it also spreads warmth and freshness to the soul. That's why flowers given to someone leaves such a lasting impression on them. 

   flowers used for making perfumes

The most popular flowers used for making perfumes 


Jasmine- The fragrance of jasmine is very popular in the making of floral perfumes. It has a very sweet and sensual smell perfect to enhance femininity. Jasmines have an intense smell and are used in aromatherapy as well. It is mostly found in the tropical regions. In India, Madurai in Tamil Nadu is very famous for jasmine cultivation. Apart from that, it is also cultivated in West Bengal, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka. 


Jasmine flower

Rose- Rose is the one flower that has a hypnotizing charm in its velvety petals. The stunning beauty has the kind of aromatic smell which can calm the mind. Roses are cultivated in the summers and in the dark. The reason behind this is that roses emit its fragrance the most at night. The perfume of roses is loved by people all over the world. In India, it is mostly harvested in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The mesmerizing beauty and the rose smell of roses can make someone's day. Checkout the rich and fresh cut rose bouquet of Floraindia Flower Delivery in Gurgaon 


Gardenia- The white flowers, Gardenia, is the spring blossom which has an intoxicating romantic aroma. It is also a famous flower which is used in the perfume industry. The touch of gardenia is velvety and rich. Gardenia is mostly found in Africa, Oceania, Australasia, and in Asian countries such as India, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Bangladesh. 

Gardenia flower 

Tuberose- Tuberose is another flower which has a very intense and strong smell and is widely used in making perfumes. The fragrance of it is so far reaching and intense that only a few tiny flowers if kept in a room is enough to fill the place with its fragrance. It is extensively used in weddings which fills the environment with its fragrance and creates a sweet and refreshing atmosphere. It is mostly harvested in the Indian states of West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. 


Lavender- Lavender is one of the most eye pleasing and rich looking flowers. Like jasmine, it is also used in aromatherapy and helps calming the mind. Lavenders are heavenly scented though not every type of it is but few specific ones like Lavandin. Fragranced lavenders are used in various ways in the perfume industry; in making essential oils and perfumes to name a few. Lavenders in India are cultivated in Kashmir valley, Uttar Pradesh and hilly slopes of Himachal Pradesh. 

Lavender flower 

Frangipani- Frangipani also known as Plumeria is very popular in making floral perfumes. The scent of frangipani is somewhat similar to gardenia. It has also the hint of citrus, spices, Lily of the valley. Plumeria is a deciduous shrub that generally grows from December to April. 


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