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The New Food & Drink Products You're Going to See Everywhere In 2021

This year many of the culinary trends that began in 2020 are likely to carry on. As the strains of the Covid-19 stay with us, the public continues to order take-out or cook themselves. After researching current social behaviors and preferences we have compiled the food trends most likely to be seen in 2021.

1.    Plant-based food items

Plant-based foods will go on being preferred by people this year as well. According to official surveys, twenty-eight percent of the public have been eating plant-based proteins during Covid-19. Veganism is being tried out by a lot of people and others just prefer them for the taste. Expectations are that innovative dishes will be made in restaurants to integrate more plant-based items in the menu.

2.    Breakfast food

As we continue to do our work and leisure within the confines of our houses, breakfast has become serious. Being at home gave most of us time to spend on making breakfast. Instead of grabbing a bar of granola on the way to work, there are more elaborate options. Social media channels are going to be full of breakfast sandwich and coffee recipes. New fast-food products exclusively for breakfast will be launched and even oats might make a comeback.

breakfast food

3.    Fermenting and pickling

So many people tried out canning vegetables in 2020 that there was shortage of mason jars in the market. So spring is going to see people proudly displaying their garden harvest. And recipes of how to pickle radishes, onions, cucumbers, and more.

Fermenting and pickling

4.    Home-made noodles

Sourdough was a staple of 2020. Winters this year saw everyone reaching out to their favorite comfort foods. And are a major part of any comfort food. People will continue to take advantage of their time and make delicious pasta from scratch. Even if you manage to resist the temptations of Dalgona Coffee or banana bread, pasta will be tough to avoid.

5.    Functional yet decadent

Extreme beverage and food trends, although entertaining to post about on social media, do not stay for long. Huge multiple-layered burgers and sandwiches, vibrant rich desserts, and pasta overflowing with cheese are scrumptious to watch. Yet they are not very practical foods for everyday eating.

More functional food options focus on health and well being apart from flavor and texture. 2021 cuisine will be taking the middle ground between functionality and decadence. Food and drink will be crafted artfully yet with keeping the health factors in mind. This way people will be consuming items which taste delectable, appear lovely, and are good for their well-being.

6.    Sustainable food options

As the planet’s source of replenishments continue to be exploited by human civilization, a collaborative approach is essential. Current food trends point towards a reduction of any ingredients that have carbon footprints, like meat and cheese. The public will be encouraged by environmentalists to consume food that is available locally and seasonally. The efforts to eradicate usage of products which exploit animals will take a more fervent hold. Alternate options like fish, insects, grains, algae, seaweed, grains, and pulses will become popular.

Sustainable food options

7.    Olive Oil

During the past years, debates have been going on about products rich in MTC. Whether they are harmful or beneficial for you is still uncertain. But there is one source of fat which is considered good for the health. And that is extra-virgin olive oil. Specifically, because of the Elenolide and Tyrosol found in olive oil.Tyrosol protects the body from neurodegenerative diseases and conditions. While scientific research claims that Elenolide has anti-hypertensive properties. Coconut oil is likely to be replaced by Olive Oil due to its abilities to lower blood-pressure.

8.    Chickpeas

Chickpeas became highly popular somewhere in the 2000’s due to the increased preference of hummus. It became a most demanded and sought-after healthy dip that tasted twice as delicious. But now chickpeas are being experimented with more than just hummus recipes.


Aquafaba for instance is the water we get from soaked chickpeas. And there are numerous food items it is being used in like meringue, ice-cream, macarons. Aqufaba’s popularity as a milk or egg replacement is steadily soaring.

Chickpeas are also being utilized in the form of flour. Which in turn is used to make all sorts of delicious flatbread, crusty bread, etc. Being gluten-free, it is ideal for people with diet restrictions. The limitations of chickpea recipes continue to be pushed by culinary experts in 2021.

Low to no alcohol drinks

With people getting more cautious about their health due to the Coronavirus, the use of alcohol islessening. 2021 is expected to turn up beverage options like non-alcoholic cocktails. As seen in other dietary trends, moderation will be the key element here. A middle ground is expected to reach concerning drinking. Rise of drinks like Seltzer is the first big step towards it.

These were the food and beverage options we expect to escalate in 2021. Everything has drastically changed not just in the food industry but all sectors because of the pandemic. But the loss of some options has also offered new opportunities. There are benefits to be had in this new way of life. As human beings we can work together to achieve a better way of living than we had before.

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