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Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security 7.2 NSE7_OTS-7.2 Dumps

The NSE7_OTS-7.2 Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security 7.2 exam is a crucial examination that candidates must pass in order to obtain the FCSS in OT Security Certification. Passcert offers the latest Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security 7.2 NSE7_OTS-7.2 Dumps which cover all the essential objectives, ensuring that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully pass your exam and achieve your certification goals. By using Passcert Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security 7.2 NSE7_OTS-7.2 Dumps, you will gain a competitive edge in your exam preparation. Our NSE7_OTS-7.2 Dumps are not only designed to help you pass the exam but also to build a strong foundation of knowledge in the field of Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security.

Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security7.2
The Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security 7.2 exam evaluates your knowledge of, and expertise with, Fortinet products in an OT environment. The exam tests applied knowledge of the design, implementation, operation, and integration of an OT security solution consisting of FortiOS 7.2.0, FortiAnalyzer 7.2.0, FortiSIEM 6.5.0, and FortiNAC 8.5. The Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security 7.2 exam is intended for network and security professionals responsible for designing and implementing infrastructure containing many Fortinet devices. 

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1. Which three criteria can a FortiGate device use to look for a matching firewall policy to process traffic? (Choose three.)
A.Services defined in the firewall policy.
B.Source defined as internet services in the firewall policy
C.Lowest to highest policy ID number
D.Destination defined as internet services in the firewall policy
E.Highest to lowest priority defined in the firewall policy
Answer: A, D, E

2. An administrator wants to use FortiSoC and SOAR features on a FortiAnalyzer device to detect and block any unauthorized access to FortiGate devices in an OT network.
Which two statements about FortiSoC and SOAR features on FortiAnalyzer are true? (Choose two.)
A.You must set correct operator in event handler to trigger an event.
B.You can automate SOC tasks through playbooks.
C.Each playbook can include multiple triggers.
D.You cannot use Windows and Linux hosts security events with FortiSoC.
Answer: A, B

3. The OT network analyst runs different level of reports to quickly explore threats that exploit the network. Such reports can be run on all routers, switches, and firewalls. Which FortiSIEM reporting method helps to identify these type of exploits of image firmware files?
A.CMDB reports
B.Threat hunting reports
C.Compliance reports
D.OT/loT reports
Answer: B

4. In a wireless network integration, how does FortiNAC obtain connecting MAC address information?
B.Link traps
C.End station traffic monitoring
D.MAC notification traps
Answer: A

5. Which two statements about the Modbus protocol are true? (Choose two.)
A.Modbus uses UDP frames to transport MBAP and function codes.
B.Most of the PLC brands come with a built-in Modbus module.
C.You can implement Modbus networking settings on internetworking devices.
D.Modbus is used to establish communication between intelligent devices.
Answer: B, C

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