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How to Contact GOL Airlines Customer Service?

GOL Airlines offers several convenient ways to communicate with their customer service team. Below are the details for each method:

  1. Via Phone Call: The simplest and most direct way to contact GOL Airlines is by phone. You can call GOL Airlines at 1 (855) 862–9190 or 1(833) 930-2006, and then choose your preferred language. Once connected, follow the IVR menu options:

  • Press 1 for booking assistance.
  • Press 3 to inquire about flight status.
  • Press 6 for baggage information.
  • Press 9 to speak with a customer service representative.
  1. Via Chat: If you need to convey an issue in written form, you can use the chat option on GOL Airlines’ official website. Here’s how to access it:

  • Visit the official website of GOL Airlines.
  • Click on the customer service icon.
  • Then, click on the chat icon and enter your question.
  1. Via Email: If you need to share documents or receipts with the airline’s customer service, you can submit an email form. Keep in mind that response times may vary (usually within 12 to 48 hours). Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of GOL Airlines.
  • Click on the customer service options.
  • Select the “Email Us” option.
  • Provide the requested details in the form and click “Send.”
  1. Via Social Media: If you’re active on social media platforms, you can also reach out to GOL Airlines’ customer service by sending a direct message or tagging them in a post. Here are the official social media links:

  • Twitter: twitter.com/gol_airlines
  • Facebook: facebook.com/gol_airlines
  • Instagram: instagram.com/gol_airlines

By exploring these contact options, you can effectively address any issues you may encounter while traveling with GOL Airlines. For specific phone numbers based on your location, please refer to the list below:

GOL Airline Contact Numbers:

  • USA or Canada: 1–855–862–9190/1(833) 930-2006
  • Colombia: 01 8000 11 1788/1(833) 930-2006
  • Costa Rica: 8000 12 1855/1(833) 930-2006
  • Mexico: 01 800 282 2706/1(833) 930-2006
  • Peru: 0800 55671/1(833) 930-2006
  • Venezuela: 0800 188 2744/1(833) 930-2006
  • Other countries: +55 11 5504 4410/1(833) 930-2006

These contact details will help you connect with GOL Airlines’ customer service team, regardless of your location or inquiry. Safe travels!


Contacting GOL Airlines customer service can be a straightforward process if you approach it with preparation, clarity, and patience. By following the tips outlined in this article, you’ll increase your chances of getting the assistance you need in a timely manner. Remember, effective communication is key, and a courteous attitude can make the experience smoother for both you and the customer service team. So, next time you need to speak to GOL Airlines customer service, use these expert tips to your advantage. Safe travels!

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