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How do I get Cheap Flights Tickets to Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman is a very heaven-like place to visit. It is most famous for its beaches for species like green turtle, leatherback turtle, and hawksbill. The beaches of Andaman are very clean, and the water is crystal clear. One should visit Andaman once in their life.

Are you planning to go to Andaman but shocked after seeing the fare prices of the flight ticket? Spending a big amount of money is not an option for you. To get cheap flights tickets to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, there are some points to keep in mind, like booking a ticket two or three months before the departure date. To know the points like which can save a lot on your tickets read this article completely.

Tips to get cheap flight tickets to Andaman

  • The season you are traveling in: the time of the season has a big impact on the flight tickets. Whenever you are willing to book a flight ticket, make sure to book it off-season. During the off-season, the fare prices of the ticket are very less.

  • Departure Airport: the fare prices of the ticket depend on the departure airport. Whenever the ticket is booked from the airport of the big city, then the fare prices of the ticket are very high. So it is better to book a ticket from a small city’s airport. 

  • Multiple departure dates: the fare of the ticket also depends on the date you are looking. So if it is possible, then keep your option open for the departure date.

  • Compare the tickets on different websites and airlines: Do not look for tickets only on one website or airline. Try to compare the fare prices of different airlines and websites.

  • Book the tickets in advance:  when you book the ticket in advance, the fare prices are very less comparatively when you book the ticket a few days before the departure date.

  • Buy tickets early in the morning or after midnight: the prices for the tickets are very lower from midnight to early morning because there is very less demand for the tickets, and Airlines usually lower the prices on tickets.

  • Take connecting flights: book connecting flights with less layover time. The demand for the direct flight to Andaman is usually very high, so the airlines increase their prices. When you book a connecting flight, it will cost less, but it might cost you extra time.

  • Use Incognito mode to search flights: whenever you loo for a flight ticket, the system increases its fare so that the customer will see the increase in tickets and book the ticket as soon as possible. That is why look for flight tickets in incognito mode.

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