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Long Man of Wilmington- Giant Human Figurine

So, What did you think about it? Long Man Hun, Maybe it's a giant human skeleton or a giant human sculpture. But my friend you are wrong. Rather I could say that you would be fascinated by hearing the fact that, The Long Man of Wilmington or more commonly the Wilmington Giant is a hill figure situated on the slopes of the Windover Hill near Wilmington, East Sussex, England. It is one of the mysterious figurines throughout the world.

It is 6 miles (9.7 km) northwest of Eastbourne and .33 mile (540 m) south of Wilmington. Locally, the figure was once often called the "Green Man". The Long Man is 235 feet (72 m) tall, holds two "staves", and is designed to look in proportion when viewed from below. Quite big, isn't it so? Well, the history behind is still a mystery. I surely did threw the pun in the last line.

At first, it was thought to be originated in the Iron Age or even in the Neolithic period, later on, in 2003 an archeological investigation found out that the Long Man can be dated as fas as 16th to 17th century AD. Until the 19th century, the Long Man was only visible in certain light conditions and after a light fall of snow, but in 1874 it was marked out in yellow bricks. It is claimed that during this restoration the feet were incorrectly positioned but, despite the popular local legend, there is no evidence, historical or archaeological, to suggest that prudish Victorians robbed the Giant of his manhood!

Even it has been put into the theory that the Long Man is an artistic work of a monk from the nearby Priory between the 11th and 15th centuries. Roman coins bearing a similar figure suggest that he belonged to the 4th century AD and there may be plausible parallels with a helmeted figure found on Anglo-Saxon ornaments.

Well, the fact is whatsoever it is, The Long Man Of Wilmington is a fascinating figure in itself. And while a trip to England it has to be a must have to visit.

So, let me know in the comment section below, what do you guys think could be the origin of The Long Man of Wilmington. We are open to all the conspiracy theories suggested by you.

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