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How To Fix Google Cannot Verify the Account Belongs To You

If you are encountering the "Google cannot verify the account belongs to you" issue, it can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to recover your account. Here's a comprehensive guide:

1. Visit Google Account Recovery Page:

2. Enter Your Email Address:

  • Enter the email address associated with the Google account you are trying to recover.

3. Enter the Last Password You Remember:

  • Try entering the last password you remember. If you don't remember any, click on the "Try another way" link.

4. Use a Recovery Email Address:

  • If you have set up a recovery email address, Google will send a verification code to that email. Select the email option, and then check your recovery email for the verification code.

5. Use a Recovery Phone Number:

  • If you have a recovery phone number associated with your account, choose the phone number option. Google will send a verification code to your phone. Enter the code when prompted.

6. Answer Security Questions:

  • If you set up security questions for your account, you may be asked to answer them. Provide accurate answers to proceed with the recovery process.

7. Recovery Using Previously Used Devices:

  • If you have used the account on a device that is still accessible to you, Google may offer the option to use that device for account recovery.

8. Verify Recent Account Activity:

  • Google may ask you to verify recent account activity, such as the date of account creation or the last date you accessed your account.

9. Complete Account Recovery Form:

  • If none of the above methods work, you may need to complete the account recovery form. This form requires you to provide detailed information about your account, including previous passwords, contacts, and recent emails.

10. Provide Additional Information:

  • Be as specific and accurate as possible when providing information in the recovery form. The more details you provide, the higher the chances of successful account recovery.

11. Check Email for Google's Response:

  • After submitting the recovery form, Google will review your request. Check the email associated with your account for Google's response. This may take some time.

12. Contact Google Support:

  • If the automated recovery methods don't work, you can try reaching out to Google Support. Visit the Google Support website and navigate to the appropriate section for account recovery.

13. Create a New Account:

  • If all else fails, and you are unable to recover your account, you may need to create a new Google account. Make sure to update your recovery information regularly to avoid similar issues in the future.


  • Provide Accurate Information: Be precise and accurate when entering recovery information. Incorrect information may delay or hinder the recovery process.
  • Check Spam/Junk Folder: Sometimes, Google's emails may end up in the spam or junk folder. Check these folders if you don't see an email from Google in your inbox.
  • Use a Secure Connection: Ensure that you are accessing the recovery page using a secure and private internet connection.

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