H12-921_V1.0-ENU HCIE-Data Center Network (Written) V1.0

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HCIE-Data Center Network (Written) V1.0

Passing the HCIE-Data Center Network certification will demonstrate that you possess a strong theoretical understanding of data center network scenarios and have the ability to utilize Huawei data center network products and solutions for planning, deployment, maintenance, and optimization of data center networks. This certification will qualify you for expert roles within the data center network field, including positions such as account managers, project managers, pre-sales experts, post-sales experts, and network architects.

HCIE-Data Center Network (Written) V1.0 Exam Content

The HCIE-Data Center Network V1.0 Certification Exam encompasses fundamental knowledge of data center networks, as well as advanced technologies and their applications. It also includes an examination of the Huawei CloudFabric solution, planning and design of data center networks, and the operation and maintenance of data center networks.

Knowledge Module PercentageWritten Exam PercentageData Center Network Basic Knowledge15%Advanced Technologies and Applications of Data Center Networks31%Huawei CloudFabric Solution30%Data Center Network Planning and Design8%Data Center Network O&M16%

HCIE-Data Center Network (Written) V1.0 Exam Knowledge points

Data Center Network Basic Knowledge

Advanced Technologies and Applications of Data Center Networks

Huawei CloudFabric Solution

Data Center Network Planning and Design

Data Center Network O&M

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1. Which of the following options is a software platform in the HPC scenario of Huawei's CloudFabric solution ?

A. Compiler

B. Scheduler

C. Math Library

D. Operating System

Answer: ABCD

2. As shown in the diagram, when DCs are interconnected via VLAN Hand-off, which of the following describes the error?

A. DCI-GW requires VXLAN support

B. DCI-GW does not learn the routes between the service host and the network

C. Transmission of common VLAN packets between the Fabric-GW and the DCI-GW

D. The DCI network only passes the underlay route for the DCI-GW

Answer: B

3. In the CloudFabric network virtualization scenario, which of the following interfaces does iMaster NCE-Fabric use to interconnect with the northbound system?

A. RESTful

B. OpenFlow



Answer: A

4. An MPI collection operation is when all processes in a communication space work together to accomplish a specific data operation and transmission. Which of the following items fall into a common collection action type?

A. MPI_Scatter

B. MPI_AllReduce

C. MPI_Gather

D. P2P

Answer: ABC

5. Which of the following components in Huawei's intelligent lossless network solution architecture for multi-computing scenarios offloads the RDMA input layer and the following protocol stacks to the NIC hardware, so that peripherals can directly access the memory of the remote host?

A. NIC driver

B. SmartNIC

C. Network equipment

D. iMasterNCEFabric

Answer: B

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