Tathagata Das

HIGHER EDUCATION in 2019: India VS Abroad

HIGHER EDUCATION in 2019: India VS Abroad
OK, So after walking a thousand miles together, this has come down to it, Whether you should study in India or Abroad. Now for most of the people out there studying in abroad seems like much of a hassle to them. Their predefined assumption of either having a lot of money or having a relative living abroad really sets them back. While on the other hand, some people prefer living in their own country and study from there only. Now with today's topic, the question arises that why one should choose to study abroad over studying in India, or the vice versa.

Now before going to talk about studying in abroad, let me tell you why you should study in your own country. Now the higher education system of India is quite advanced as compared to most of the other Asiatic countries, with having some of the most reputed Institutions like IITs and IIMs. But most of the students fail to get admission into these institutions and the rest is just crap. Now that's where studying abroad comes into the picture.

Now the first and foremost thing that studying abroad lets you achieve is that you learn to cope up with a different environment than you are accustomed to. Along with that studying abroad makes you earn your own expenditure which really helps a person, who want to stand on his own feet. Now there are several other aspects which we can look down But at the end of the day my friend, it's your life and completely your decision from where you want to pursue your higher education.

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