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Artificial Intelligence: How It Is Influencing Our Life

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The meaning of artificial intelligence depends upon the conditions and situations where it is being deployed. It has different meanings in different walks of life. For example, Business and Medical fields do not have the same application, and thus a different definition of Artificial Intelligence.

 “It is a wide branch of computer science which is concerned with manufacturing small machines that work automatically and can replace human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has multiple approaches and has wide-range applications”.

In the coming days, Artificial intelligence will replace humans in many jobs like driving, making future investment decisions, operating some medical tools and machines, etc. The mentioned jobs and a lot of others will be performed accurately and speedily without causing any loss through Artificial intelligence.

Mathematics is also affected overwhelmed by the application of Artificial intelligence. The complex calculations have become simple and quick to solve now. Artificial intelligence is named as “Actual Idiocracy” in Mathematics. A very famous image recognition system of Google using a simple equation, Y=mx+c also has the application of Artificial intelligence. Although many of us have learned this equation in school days.

In actuality, artificial intelligence takes information and data. It converts this data into a beneficial decision after processing. It looks like an ordinary operation but the speed and accuracy of this process make it extra-ordinary. This accuracy and speed are going to improve our lifestyle in the near future.

artificial intellegence 

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What Is the Foreseeable Impact of AI On the Future of Work? 

Artificial intelligence can be foreseen to increase the pace of development in technical fields such as automated assembly lines, combustion-based engineering, complex software development, computer-based documentation, digital communication, etc.

Development and competition between and within many organizations can be predicted easily due to Artificial intelligence. AI will take over many jobs that are currently performed by human beings. But taking it as loss of jobs by the human workforce is a wrong conception. This technological reform brought over by AI requires human beings for initiation and overlooking. Humans will manage and monitor the processes being performed by Artificial intelligence.

Human beings need to increase speed and change the way they work currently. For example, marketers currently perform the analysis to extract the patterns of current trends. In the future, they will have to understand and explain the results taken out from the analysis performed by the AI process. For this purpose, a proper understanding of the limitations of the AI process and what is being represented is necessary. Currently, digital marketing is a trending AI process but it is not going to alleviate the need of humans. It will just increase the efficiency of the process.

Artificial Intelligence Improves Social Media 

Artificial intelligence has improved communication between users and business associates. Let’s take a look at how AI is shaping up different social media outlets.


Twitter is using Artificial intelligence to decrease inappropriate information related to racism or religious sectors. Twitter has taken Artificial intelligence into action to increase the users’ experience. AI is also being used to understand the current trends in the market.


Facebook has over 2 billion users which update their status 293k times per minute. Deep learning technology is helping out Facebook to draw value from such huge data. The base of deep learning technology for Facebook is Torch structure. This structure gives importance to neural networks and deep learning.


Instagram is one of the most popular Social media platforms where AI and big data is deployed to fight bullying and offensive comments. Instagram is now using artificial intelligence to delete hate speech or offensive comments. It is also deriving benefits from AI in advertising the ads.


Chatbots respond to the users to provide helpful answers to their queries. Currently, they are not very accurate, but to some extent, they provide useful guidance to the customers. However, with more advancements in AI, their performance is expecting to become more impressive.


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Digital Assistance:

Digital assistants help the user to look for different schedules and to find several solutions for their problems on the web. Artificial intelligence is very important for these tasks because these apps learn from interaction with different users.

Digital assistance can do much more than the common people take it as. It can help you in many ways but the following are popular:

  • Message dictation
  • Internet searches
  • Alarms and timers
  • Scheduling
  • Reminders
  • Media playback
  • Calculations

These are some most common practices of everyday life. Digital assistance also helping human beings with house automation. You can control your lights, thermostat, garage and room doors, alarms, and much more.

Artificial intelligence helps digital assistance to learn automatically from the mistakes. For instance, if an iPhone user tells the digital assistant about any mistake, it will collect the data to learn and not to repeat that mistake automatically. Human-made correction or change in software is not required due to Artificial intelligence.

AI Improves Your Driving Experience

Self-Driving and Parking Vehicles:

Deep learning is a branch of Artificial intelligence. Self-driving and parking vehicles use this subset of AI. Such vehicles sense the space around the vehicle with the help of such technology. Most of the famous car companies such as Toyota, Mercedes, Audi, Tesla, etc. are using such technology in cars.

Improvement in Email Communication Through Artificial Intelligence

Smart Replies in Gmail:

Artificial intelligence benefits humans in communication. Users can reply to an email with simple phrases with just a single click. For example, a user may reply “Yes! I am working on it” or “No I am not”. Users can choose either to reply manually or simply with just one click. This option has simplified email communication.

Smart reply option is available in different forms for a different type of emails. These replies are attached to each email. For example, an email about the game has a different smart reply as compared to a business email.

Email Filters in Gmail:

AI helps Google to make sure that each email reaching you is authentic. Un-authentic emails are not allowed to reach your inbox. Moreover, AI sorts the emails in your inbox into the following categories:

  • Primary
  • Social
  • Promotions
  • Updates
  • Forums
  • Spam

Due to these filters and sorting, the user can easily and quickly find any email. The quicker search results in a quicker reply. Hence, it improves communication between two users. There are four different groups in Gmail for sorting the emails besides the spam email. Spam emails are sent into a different folder.

 Email Filters in Gmail

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Artificial Intelligence Helps in Different Searches

Google search has been using AI to improve and simplify Google searches.

Google-Predictive Searches:

When a person starts typing keywords in the search tab of Google, he can notice different suggestions. These suggestions and predictions are made by Artificial Intelligence. The user gets better keywords and suggestions for searching for any topic. He can find much more by typing lesser words, the rest are automatically predicted with the help of artificial intelligence. AI uses your search history and personal information such as age, location, etc. These things collectively help the system to predict what you might be looking for.

Online Stores and Services

Product Recommendations:

Online shopping is an easy and simple way to find the product of your choice. Moreover, it is the most trending business type nowadays. If you are using any of these services, there are plenty of chances that you are interacting with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence benefits online stores in many ways. If you have seen an online ad for a product that you have been searching on Google, this ad came with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Sometimes, online stores suggest a very useful product to a user without much search. They collect the information of the user's first purchase and get help from artificial intelligence to suggest the very best product to the customer. Such recommendations are becoming very common and providing benefits to both the stores and the customers.


A chatbot is another feature that comes under artificial intelligence definition. Chatbots are always available for answering different questions related to online shopping and selling. You can get a solution to your common problems 24/7 through these chatbots which work on the principle of artificial intelligence. Although these chatbots are not as much help as human guidance, common problems and queries are solved convincingly. Amazon is the best example of e-commerce which is using artificial intelligence for enhancing the business. In this way, artificial intelligence benefits online stores and online shopping.

Maps and DirectionsMaps and Directions:

To find the directions and best route to a specific location is common practice these days. But, do you know how Google does this for you? Yes! It is an artificial intelligence that is sensing the traffic and architecture for suggesting the best and shortest route to your destination. Moreover, it also estimates the time to reach the destination through bicycle, bike, or car. Artificial intelligence benefits the traveling industry in many ways.

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Commercial Airline Flights:

Many airlines have reached the next level of flying technology. The pilot has to do a little manual work and the rest is done automatically through artificial intelligence. According to a survey on a well renowned Boeing 777, the pilot has to do manual work which takes only about 7 minutes. AI technology is playing a vital role in flights and resulting in more safe and accurate work. Roamers are in the air that soon fully automated planes will be introduced where no human pilots will be required.


Artificial Intelligence is benefitting human beings in almost all walks of life. Most of the machines are becoming automatic. Humans are introducing such technology that will change the entire lifestyle. In the future, the applications of artificial intelligence are going to increase further. The only concern related to AI is the replacement of human jobs. If AI will be everywhere, what is the future of Humans working there? Well, the answers to this question are very simple, humans will manage the big AI networks. In other words, only the nature of the job will change and those who will adjust according to changing job skills demand will succeed in the future.

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